Backups Overview

Last Updated on 2020-11-17


Backups capture a complete copy of your systems and data periodically in case of recovery at a later date. Once enabled, backups are scheduled to occur weekly during a specific time window that is automatically assigned by the system. We store your backups in the same data center as your cloud server.

Regional Availability

Backups are available for all cloud servers.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions
Owner Enable Backup Service, View Backups, Restore from Backup, Cancel Backup Service
Member Not Available
Billing Member Not Available
Billing Admin Not Available

Backup Schedule

Backups take place once per week, with the first backup running on the second day after the backup service is enabled. Each backup is retained for four weeks. A maximum of 4 most recent backups can be stored on separate and fault-tolerant external data drives within the same data center. Older backups are rotated out after each scheduled interval.


  • You can only restore backups of the entire server, not individual files.

  • LayerStack backups are optimized for systems with low write activity. For systems with active database writes and other high I/O workloads, Acronis Backup at the application level for the best result.

  • Backups are not encrypted at rest, but they are not externally accessible.

  • Backups are stored at LayerStack and are not able to be downloaded or transferred to third-party drives. If you wish to have the flexibility, we recommend opting for our Acronis Backup service.

  • Terminating a cloud server will completely delete all the backup copies. This action is irreversible even if it is performed by accident.

  • You will not have access to your data stored in the backups during a service suspension or termination.

  • By subscribing to our Backup option, you agree to keep a current and reliable copy of all your stored files. LayerStack has no obligation to recover files that you or your users may inadvertently delete or corrupt.

Quick Start Guide

How to Restore backups

  • You can restore from a backup from the Cloud Servers Details screen. Restoring a backup to your cloud servers will remove all currently existing data on that server. Therefore, make sure that you have made a separate copy of any important data.

How to Delete backups

  • Backups take place once per week, and a maximum of 4 most recent backups can be stored. Older backups will be replaced automatically.

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