Roles & Permissions

Last Updated on 2021-12-17

Account Roles

Account Role Description Single Member Multi Members
Owner A person initially creates the LayerPanel account and receives all billing queries. The Owner has completed access privileges to all of the account information.

The Owner can also deploy new Cloud Servers, and they can invite multi members to manage this account and service.
Member One or more individuals can only manage assigned Cloud Servers including operating system installation, server password management, power management, etc.
Billing Admin The person can only manage Billing and Invoice information for assigned accounts including payment handling, credit card information update, etc. (1)
Billing Member A person can be both of the roles of a Member and Billing Admin. (1)

(1) For the role of Billing field, you can only choose either Billing Member or Billing Admin.

Account Permissions

Owner Member Billing Admin Billing Member
Apply for subscription (E.g. Cloud Servers, One-click Apps, Load Balancers and Global Private Networking) and add-on service (E.g. Backups, DDoS Attack Protection and China Direct CN2 Route)
Create, manage and delete VM under Dedicated Cloud
Add, update and delete account role
Assign specific server management for Member and Billing Member
Update account profile (e.g. Administrative contact preferences, Account Two-factor Authentication (2FA) etc.)
Settle outstanding order by online payment
View payment history
Add new Credit Card

*When the authorized member adds more than one credit card to the account, he/she can designate which one should be billed by default.
Power-on & Shut-down Cloud Servers
Choose the operating system and ISO for installing Cloud Servers
Use console for managing Cloud Servers
Track server usage (e.g. CPU, RAM, Disk I/O and Data Transfer)
Check server's action logs
Edit instance name for Cloud Servers
Reset server administrative password
Update Reverse DNS record
Manage Templates
Manage Firewall Rules ✓(*View) ✓(*View)
Manage Load Balancers
Manage Global Private Networking
Manage Backups ✓(*Restore) ✓(*Restore)
Enable China Direct CN2 route
Enable DDoS Attack Protection
Enable Dedicated GPU

Quick Start Guide

  1. Log in to LayerPanel, go to the Account section and click Manage Users button.

  2. Select the + Invite User button.

  3. Select the proper role (E.g. Member, Billing Member & Billing Admin) and input the user's email address which the invitation email will be sent accordingly once clicking Send Invitation.


  4. After that, the Owner can select the Permissions button and assign the service subscription to the required Member who can manage the server technically.