China Direct CN2 Route Overview

Last Updated on 2024-01-10


The LayerStack China Direct CN2 Route offers a business-class solution for enterprises seeking a high-performance connection with China. This route is backed by the top three carriers in China – China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile – to ensure high capacity, superior performance, solid reliability, and excellent speed.

Regional Availability

China Direct CN2 Route is currently available in Singapore, Hong Kong & Tokyo regions.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions
Owner Enable China Direct CN2 Route, Disable China Direct CN2 Route
Member Not Available
Billing Member Not Available
Billing Admin Not Available


  • The CN2 routing service is applicable to all Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo general purpose service plans except for R001-HK, S008-HK, R008-SG, S008-SG, R008-TYO and S008-TYO.

  • The CN2 routing is NOT applicable for Arm-Based & High Storage service plans.

Quick Start Guide

Enable China Direct CN2 Route

  1. Log in to LayerPanel, go to the Services section and click Cloud Servers button, and then click on the Cloud Servers for which you want the China Direct CN2 Route enabled.

  2. Click on Enable China Direct CN2 Route. Then check your order details and click on Confirm Purchase.

  3. Upon successful payment, China Direct CN2 Route will be enabled automatically.

Speed Test for CN2 Route

Hong Kong Data Center:

Singapore Data Center:

Japan Data Center:

More details about CN2 Route

China Direct CN2 Route - Express Route to Your Success in China