China Direct CN2 Route
Express Route to Your Success in China

LayerStack gives you the performance, stability and coverage you need to expand your digital footprint in China. Our reliable express line partners with multiple high-speed BGP Tier-1 international carriers in the country and opens doors to running business and reaching millions of potential customers from outside China.

LayerStack China CN2 Direct Route

What is LayerStack’s China Direct CN2 Route?

As an Asian internet hub with a geographical advantage, Hong Kong is the gateway to the lucrative mainland Chinese market. LayerStack’s China Direct CN2 Route gives you ultra-fast and low latency 2-way direct accessibility to mainland China. With the addition of CN2 GIA routes, the direct connection guarantees high capacity, superior performance, solid reliability, and excellent speed so you can reach potential customers in the country remotely and effortlessly.

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What is China Direct CN2 Router
What is CN2

What is CN2?

CN2 (AS4809), also China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network, is a premium China express route that provides the highest resilience, redundancy and low latency direct connection to China. CN2 currently covers nearly 200 cities in mainland China with points of presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, etc.

What is CN2 Global Internet Access (CN2 GIA)?

CN2 network comes in different levels, and CN2 GIA is the fastest and most stable China route there is, delivering the highest speed, redundancy and lowest latency with almost no congestions to keep your applications in China smooth and responsive.

What is CN2 Global Internet Access (CN2 GIA)

Anti-DDoS Protection on the CN2 Direct China Connection

Protect your website and network from DDoS attacks with proactive real time traffic mitigation.

Anti-DDoS Protection on the CN2 Direct China Connection

A great many companies are conducting international commerce on the internet, and with growth in connected devices, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection of your worldwide internet resources should be a critical part of your corporate security standard.

With LayerStack’s Anti-DDoS Protection on the CN2 Direct China Connection, your China-related online business gets piece-of-mind from real-time detection and mitigation of malicious traffic. LayerStack’s Anti-DDoS protection effectively mitigates business-impairing DDoS attacks 24/7 by routing volumetric malicious traffic to our scrubbing centers, preventing you from the loss of service uptime, critical data and reputation.

Low Latency to Major Cities in China
Low Latency to Major Cities in China (< 50ms)
CN2 direct routes ensure fast and stable accessibility to major cities in China with latency less than 50ms.
Fast Bandwidth with Stable Connection
Fast Bandwidth with Stable Connection
CN2 provides high-performance network indicators that give you fast bandwidth with a stable connection to achieve every business goal.
Powerful API Support
Direct Peering with China Unicom, China Mobile & China Telecom
The direct routes are backed by the top three carriers in China – China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom – for the most reliable connection possible.
Powerful API Support
No ICP License Required
LayerStack‘s CN2 solution offers an ICP-less connection that makes implementation fast and simple.

Now Available: Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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