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Simplicity is making your cloud journey easier, LayerStack delivers simple and efficient cloud solutions for you.

Innovative Cloud Servers Provider | LayerStack

LayerStack is a cloud hosting servers provider. Our cloud servers and control panel have been developed to simplify your entire cloud computing experience.

Cloud hosting has evolved so much in recent times that it has now become a must-have possession for every business, no matter how big or small. Cloud hosting with cloud servers' help offers your company a unique set of features like flexibility, scalability, and high performance hosting solutions, which will result in significant growth of your business- be it big or small. Who should you choose for your cloud hosting and a cloud server for your business? We, at LayerStack, are here to answer that question. Keep reading this article to know about what we as cloud server providers have got to offer you that will surely help in increasing the growth potential of your business.

LayerStack- Your Ideal Stop For Cloud Servers

If you are thinking of recruiting a cloud server into your business, we are ready to help you with it.

We at LayerStack are committed to providing you with the best cloud servers that will help promote your business. As one of the best cloud server provider, our goal is to help you with unlimited traffic to your website. Our cloud servers are all SSD, which are meant to simplify cloud computing for your business, and that makes us a class apart as a cloud server provider. Look at what our cloud servers have got to offer you.

1.1 Minute Deployment

That's what makes our cloud servers irresistible. As a cloud server provider, we want to make the deployment process easy for our clients. We can relate with your concerns about your website coming online as fast as possible, and hence, LayerStack's product is fully SSD equipped that ensures a quick deployment of cloud servers.

2.OS Installation Is One Click Away

Be it CentOs, Debian, or Windows Server- we are your ideal cloud server provider because all our mainline products come with a quick and simple installation process. We promise you an installation of a range of popular operating systems, as suited to the needs and requirements of your business.

3.99.95% Guaranteed SLA

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. It is our responsibility as a cloud server provider to ensure a minimum necessity for service to maintain the servers that we provide. Repeated maintenance is a ruckus for most companies, as it not only requires time and energy but is also a burden on most employees. LayerStack understands how important time is for growing businesses. Hence, we sign the SLA with you, promising a minimum service requirement for all the servers that we provide at LayerStack.

4.A Fully Featured And A Rich Control Panel

You must have heard about cloud servers requiring an installation for all applications, configuration, security concerns, back-up plans, etc. That all is made simple for you with proper server management, and our control panels will do all those jobs for you. We are a cloud server provider that offers a fully equipped control panel that will simplify and automate all the complex tasks for you, leaving you worry-free. We care for you and your business and thus give you the best of cloud computing services.

5.Root Administrator Access

You need not be anxious about your access to all the cloud server options. As a cloud server provider, we make sure that you have access to all the options on the graphic-interface. This will enable you to have control over the whole infrastructure.

6.Absence Of Long-Term Contracts

As a cloud server provider, we think about our clients and hence don't make it compulsory for you to accept complicated and long-term contracts. We thus follow the method of a monthly retainer, which will make you carefree about the money that is to be paid for your cloud server.

As a cloud server provider, our clients are important to us. Do visit us and let us help you.


Deploy in 1 Min

Deploying a cloud server is fast and easy. All mainline products are fully equipped with SSD.

Custom ISO

99.95% SLA Guaranteed

Redundant networks design and multiple upstream suppliers ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Rescue Server

One-click OS Installation

Allows you to install a range of popular operating systems, such as CentOS, Debian or Windows Server to your server with ease.


Root Administrator Access

Full access rights to your cloud servers, configuration, applications, networks and so on.

Custom ISO

Feature-rich Control Panel

Giving the server administrator a wide range of graphic-interface options to set up and maintain a whole infrastructure.

Rescue Server

No Long Term Contracts

Work with us on a monthly retainer, with no complicated and long term contracts.

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LayerStack launched four data centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Customers can enjoy a seamless cloud experience across the world to achieve high availability

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