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eRun taps LayerStack to drive their clients’ business, as well as theirs

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Key takeaways
Simple and user-friendly LayerPanel
Simple and user-friendly LayerPanel where you can do everything from initial setup to configuration tweaks with just a few clicks
deployment within 60 seconds
Complete deployment within 60 seconds, executed by cloud experts
industry-leading infrastructure
Best-of-class cloud performance powered by AMD processors, Intel CPUs and other industry-leading infrastructure at attractive prices

eRun’s story as the journey begins

Management is hard, and retail management can take things from hard to crazy. eRun has the vision to take that burden off the shoulders of retailers and caterers. Creator of the award-winning point-of-sales (POS) management system, the company provides businesses of every size a cutting-edge solution to better monitor transactions, analyze sales and maximize inventory. Their clients spread across the entire spectrum of retail, from restaurants and bars to apparel vendors and pet shops.

How eRun streamlines clients’ management needs with LayerStack

The POS solution provider is no stranger to cloud services, inferior cloud services that is. eRun shared their story before choosing LayerStack.

They recalled that, in the old days, trying to make sense of the dated, intricate dashboard was such a pain. To set up the server and change the most basic settings, the team needed to navigate the confusing interface, often distracted by impractical options and features along the way. It wasn’t only an inconvenience; it undermined the team’s productivity.


Once switched to LayerStack, eRun was relieved that now everything can be done in the centralized LayerPanel with just a few clicks – from initial setup to configuration tweaks. The intuitive layout has made the team’s lives so much easier as the chic-looking dashboard has every option clearly listed out and every modification is completed in seconds. The technical team at the company also appreciates the templates, firewalls, and many other new extra features and add-ons that are actually useful to them.

“On top of the superlative cloud infrastructure, we can benefit from the substantial extra features that are actually useful to us, allowing us to transfer streamlined workflow to better productivity and services.”
– eRun

The POS platform provider was also impressed by LayerStack’s speedy deployment. In the past, the team had to deal with deployment for as long as 3 hours. For an online service where client requests come in fits and starts, that amount of downtime was a deal breaker. LayerStack promised a deployment executed by cloud specialists within 60 seconds. This almost instant deployment immediately won eRun’s heart.

best performance

Picking LayerStack’s General Purpose Cloud Server intended for day-to-day computing, eRun could choose from a comprehensive list of memory-to-vCPU ratio options – all accompanied by industry-leading infrastructure – to perfectly fit their specific business needs. The company was even more surprised when they learned that they only need to pay a fraction of other cloud providers’ prices to enjoy some of the most up-to-date hardware in the market, including AMD and Intel CPUs. With LayerStack’s regular hardware upgrade, eRun is confident that every buck paid translates to actual value that benefits their business and clients.

Now wielding the powerful cloud solution and support from LayerStack, going forward, eRun will continue to pursue their mission, delivering top-class services with their innovative POS platform that caters to the unique needs of F&B and retail businesses.

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