Powerful Cloud Control Panel

Centralized Control Panel with Full Deployment, Management, and Scalable Capabilities.

Innovative Platform that Keeps Launching New Features and Getting Continuous Improvements.

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A Complete Cloud Platform Designed for Growth

Less managing your infrastructure and more focus on coding.


Spins up your instance in 3 minutes worldwide. Build development-ready experiences without configuration.


Give you the ability to manage numerous features with the powerful capabilities provided by a centralized cloud control panel.


Guard server health with graphs and track system performance over time. Tracking with the CPU and RAM usage, disk read/write, and bandwidth usage, through a simple web-based interface.

Powerful API

LayerStack RESTful API gives you maximum control over your cloud management and provides an easy way to build, scale and sustain your cloud servers on the platform.

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Easy Account and User Permission Management

Account Management

Link multiple accounts to a single login to streamline your account management and provide you a clear, hassle-free process to switch between accounts.

User Permission Management

Gives you granular control over your cloud environments by assigning users to different permission sets. Specify server access based on user roles, and view the activities performed by each user in real-time through the server log.

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