Flexible Infrastructure Components

Dynamic & Scalable Infrastructure

Based on virtualization technology and empowered by virtual machines (VMs), Dedicated Cloud Compute can be divided into multiple self-contained VMs that can greatly reduce costs and hassles free.

Configure Private IP Address

Fully Customization

Highly flexible configurations of your server including RAM, bandwidth, SSD, NVMe, SAS/SATA Hard Drive and more.

Lower Deployment Costs

Unparalleled Performance

Super powerful physical, single-tenant servers. It’s time to upgrade your hosting environment when your online business outgrow the sharing hosting resources.

Bandwidth, Storage – All Dedicated Solely to You

Rest assured that all resources are allocated to you, if you choose our Dedicated Cloud Servers, for optimized performance.

Simple, Fast VM Creation

Deploy faster and scale easier with Virtual machines that saves your time and money.

Standard Image Templates

Standard Image Templates

Capture a template of an existing virtual server regardless of its operating system and create new VMs that is based on the standard template.

Custom Template

Custom Template

Replicate your VM configurations to a master template to improve availability and scalability.


Cloning – Backup and Restore

Dedicated Cloud Servers deploy several virtual machines (VMs) with the same resource allocation and configurations. The cloning process saves you a great amount of time in situations that require new and similar machines fast.

Resources Allocation

Fully Managed Private Cloud Hosting

We take care of your entire hosting infrastructure, including hardware and the cloud platform itself so you can focus on your VMs and applications.

Fully Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Global Private Network – Secure Your Important Data & Resources (coming soon)

Offering a private communication between servers within an isolated environment, our Global Private Network (GPN) solution supports the Layer 2 connection between instances within the same region or across multiple regions through dedicated VLAN. All your confidential and sensitive data and resources can be transferred through end-to-end encryption, with a 1,000 Mbps data connection to the same region, safeguarding your critical data and assets as well as those of you customers.

Global Private Network – Secure Your Important Data & Resources

Firewall (coming soon)

Protect your server from viruses, hackers and other malicious software against unauthenticated access from the outside world. The Firewall can also help you to set up specific rules in-order to restrict access to specific ports of the system based on IP address. Not only does it match multi-servers, it also prevents hackers from penetrating your firewall/ router and connect to a particular port and let it through based on the defined set of security rules. You can easily activate the firewall in our user-friendly LayerPanel.


Dedicated Cloud Plans

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Optimize Your Cloud Journey Dedicated Virtual CPU

Dedicated Virtual CPU (vCPU)

A virtual server where all the resources of the machine are dedicated to a single client.

Suitable for:
  • Medium-to-high-traffic web servers
  • High volume and high traffic websites
  • eCommerce platforms with high traffic and functionalities
CPU model options
amd epyc cpu intel-xeon-platinum
Dedicated Virtual CPU
Dedicated Virtual CPU

Dedicated Cloud - Dedicated Hardware

Dedicated Hardware

Powered by dedicated physical resources that are not shared with other tenants.

Suitable for:
  • High-regulated industries with sensitive data
  • Companies demand high IT security and compliance solutions
  • Software-as-a-Service applications
CPU model options
amd epyc cpu intel xeon
Storage options
Dedicated Hardware Dedicate GPU
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Comparing Dedicated Cloud to Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

Below table summarize the key similarities and differences in the features available to you when using Dedicated Cloud and Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers:

Comparing Dedicated Cloud to Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers
  Cloud Servers
Dedicated CPU
Dedicated Cloud
Virtual CPU
Dedicated Cloud
Dedicated Hardware
Hosting environment Multi-tenant Single-tenant Single-tenant
Use your own dedicated hypervisor -
vCPU-to-memory ratio customization -
CPU-overprovision -
Resource isolation Virtual isolation Virtual isolation Physical isolation
Dedicated CPU
Dedicated RAM
No. of IP included in plan 1 2 2
Provision time 60s 60s 2 – 3 days
Compliance Meets general regulatory requirements. Meets general regulatory requirements. Meets strict regulatory requirements.
Supported features All
  • Templates
  • User Permission Management
  • Templates
  • User Permission Management
Starting price US$26.00/mth US$43.00/mth US$383.00/mth

Every plan also includes:

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