Capture a Point-in-Time Image Based on the Current State of a Cloud Server

Deploy multiple cloud servers with the same configuration from a single template.

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Capture, Restore and Clone

Based on the idea of scalability and flexibility, you can create a template of an instance at a point in time.

Templates Capture and Restore and Clone

Simple to Scale

A template as a master copy of an instance, you can use it for cloning multiple instances with the same configuration or restore data from the system misconfiguration.

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Create Your Customised Instances In A Snap

Bring your environment as ready-to-use instances by just uploading the virtual machine images (VM images) to the LayerPanel 2 - Templates.

VM Import

As a Contingency Plan for Disaster Recovery

  • Store the VM images after the upload.
  • The instances can launch at-a-glance to keep the business continuity in case of any contingencies.

Migrate the Existing VM-based Applications and Workloads

  • Preserve the software and settings that have been configured in custom environment while benefit from LayerStack’s features
  • Install multiple instances from the same image
  • Use the Templates to replicate your applications and workloads after the creation of custom VM.

Support Multi-format Upload

  • Support 5 types of virtual disk format up to 150GB, including VDI, VMDK, VHDX, QCOW2, and RAW

Easy to Deploy and Scale in the Cloud

Save your time from the manual deployment of many similar instances.

No Additional Charge

No Additional Charge

Each account can store up to two templates with 150GB at no additional charge.

Environment Duplication

Environment Duplication

Enable you to recover data from a template at a selected point-in-time in case of system failures or misconfiguration.

Data Recovery and Restoration

Data Recovery and Restoration

Rollback to a “healthy state” in case of system failures or misconfiguration. For example, when you replace your OS, update your applications, or migrate your service data.

Live Template

Live Template

A template can be created on-demand while the server is running, which will not affect system performance or availability.

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