LayerStack’s cloud solutions have it all – and it’s free

LayerStack free cloud features

Why choose when you can have it all? LayerStack’s cloud server solutions are not only high-performing, reliable and versatile, they also come with a slew of features and services – all without extra charge! LayerStack promises stress-free, one-stop solutions, and those are exactly what you get.

Cloud Control Panel

Manage every aspect of your cloud with our foolproof and intuitive Control Panel that generates insightful analytics and tracking reports. Build, configure, and scale your infrastructure with just a few clicks.


Safeguard your business with customizable Firewalls that secure your network traffic. Users can fine-tune firewall rules for security optimal to their specific business needs. Pre-defined templates are present so that setting up firewalls across multiple servers is easy and fuss-free.  


Personalize the configurations with our powerful API so you can make the most of the server’s competence to fit your most specific requirements.

Free Migration

Migrating your applications and workloads across environments is sweat-free because our specialists will do it for you, after evaluating the migration process and careful planning of course – all on the cuff!

High-Performance Architecture

LayerStack holds a wide range of innovative cloud server options in our arsenal, all of which are as powerful and efficient as you can expect. Our Memory-Optimized servers and Compute-Optimized servers are equipped with 100% dedicated AMD EPYC vCPU for unbeatable CPU power and NVMe SSD that offers superior storage capability and speed, while the General Purpose servers are perfectly competent at day-to-day operations. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have just what the doctor ordered to drive your business.

Cloud Managed Service

From server configuration and operating system installation to bandwidth usage monitoring and SSL certificate installation with Plesk/ cPanel, our comprehensive cloud management support always has your back so you can focus on your business.

Additional Benefits

Need more convincing? On top of the benefits of having data centers around the globe, most cloud server plans at LayerStack offer unlimited traffic and are binding to a service-level agreement that guarantees a server uptime of 99.95% (Click here to check the status of our servers). Human technical support is up and ready 24/7/365, while an extensive Documentation Library is fully accessible whenever an issue presents itself.

LayerStack understands that your time should be spent on your business growth instead of wading through technical matters. Let our world-class cloud experts do the heavy-lifting while you sit back and watch how our solution drives your business.

Got questions about our cloud service? Click here to arrange a free consultation with our cloud experts now!

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