LayerStack officially includes AlmaLinux as CentOS replacement

When Red Hat decided to “shift investment” from CentOS towards the end of last year, the tech world was not happy (Dude, seriously? Isn’t the pandemic crazy enough?!). After what felt like an eternity, AlmaLinux – a one-for-one Open-source replacement of the soon-to-be-defunct CentOS – was released in late March and, at long last, ended the anger, confusions and drama from all fuming users.

It’s a huge deal to CentOS users – and LayerStack, too. Now LayerStack officially include AlmaLinux OS as part of our operating system options and ISO template for all your cloud computing needs. Check LayerPanel (LayerStack New Generation Control Panel) and our API for this stable yet license-free operating system.

Waiting is painful, and we make sure that waiting is the only hardest part. Check out our detailed tutorial where you can find the prerequisites and step-by-step guide for migration from CentOS 8, this is to ensure you have a painless and seamless setup and migration.

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AlmaLinux to join LayerStack’s Cloud Servers Family

April is the month of rebirth. It is where Easter falls. Astrologically, it is when the sun enters Aries – the first zodiac sign that marks the beginning of the new year (happy birthday to all the Aries!). It’s also the start of a new fiscal year, and schools in Japan start in April.

All I’m trying to say is, this is a perfect time for new thing – AlmaLinux, the new enterprise-grade Linux distribution. Upon the beta release last month, the new operating system is now officially launched as CentOS’s replacement.

The mastermind behind is the creator of CloudLinux that we have known for years and loved by over 4,000 tech companies worldwide. With such a solid foundation, expertise, stability and reliability, the license-free AlmaLinux OS is poised to follow CloudLinux’s success in filling the gap of CentOS EOL.

Named after the Latin word for “soul”, AlmaLinux taps into the collective wisdom of the Linux community in its creation and future maintenance. This means the Linux distribution will be owned and governed by the community. Due to its open-source nature, it allows IT professionals to tack on any issues, as well as explore and contribute to the AlmaLinux community.

In the month of rebirth, souls reincarnate. To help you embrace in this exciting journey, LayerStack is excited to announce that we will include AlmaLinux as part of our cloud servers option. Most importantly we are committed to a simple yet seamless transition from CentOS to AlmaLinux with zero downtime for existing users.

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Coming Soon: LayerStack Load Balancer

Our engineering team has been working overtime to respond to the needs of our customers and the market. We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the LayerStack Load Balancer. What to expect? LayerStack Load Balancer autoscales across multi-regions.

LayerStack Load Balancer (LB) maximizes the capabilities of your applications by distributing traffic among multiple cloud servers regionally and globally through dedicated VLAN.  LB combines the powerful LayerPanel 2’s ease of use and affordable pricing with the high performance architecture, so you can further boost up the workloads.

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