Hello world! A new cloud chapter has begun at LayerStack

LayerStack is an IaaS provider leveraging on hardware and networks to provide stable and high performance cloud to assist our clients to achieve their business objectives. Our cloud servers built on redundant platform powered by Openstack, has led us to the creation of multiple solutions for the cloud deployment. Also with a team of cloud experts, we monitor hardware and networks 24/7 to ensure low latency connectivity and stable performance.

Get Started in LayerStack Cloud, Sign up and deploy your first solution in under five minutes. For details please visit at https://www.layerstack.com/cloud-servers.

您好, 世界! 這是雲端服務的新開始 – LayerStack

我們是基礎設施即服務 (IaaS) 的雲端服務供應商, 充分利用及優化硬件和網絡以提供穩定和高效能的雲端方案,以協助客戶實現其業務目標。 我們的雲伺服器建基於 Openstack 的冗餘架構上,為雲端部署創建了多種解決方案。我們亦擁有經驗豐富的雲端技術團隊,24/7 全天候監控硬件和網絡狀況,以確保低延遲的線路連接和穩定效能。

立即於LayerStack 開始,在五分鐘內即可完成註冊及部署您的第一個雲端服務。詳情請瀏覽https://www.layerstack.com/zh-hk/cloud-servers.