LayerStack unveils CloudNet for self-resources management

LayerStack unveiled CloudNet to serve as an elastic cloud solution which enables self-resources management.

In early October, LayerStack launched CloudNet in both Hong Kong and Singapore data centers to meet a high demand on a mechanism for flexible resources management. Indeed, we succeeded in developing and deploying a more elastic cloud environment upon the clients’ request. Most of the CloudNet users can now scale up, scale down and scale out instances at any time based on their needs or tasks’ requirement.

Use cases

CloudNet provides a stable cloud environment for enterprises to improve efficiencies with resources management. Here are some examples from our existing clients:


  • Allocate resources to multiple instances for different departments.
  • Operate different POS applications for different branches and different brands.
  • Set up two or more instances for load balancing web traffic over multiple instances.

System Integrators

  • Centralized management and simplifies operation for different clients.
  • Ideal environment for testing and development, especially for the short-term project.


  • Easily duplicate instance with the same configuration, applications and workloads in minutes.
  • Easily create customized instances with different resources to address different client’s needs.

Web/ Application Developers

  • Immediately executing a program by creating a staging server for testing and development via private network.
  • Scale the database instance up and down easily for better extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) performance.

The standard service plan comes with 8 vCPU, 16GB RAM, 400GB SSD storage, 4 IP addresses and 50GB image storage at the price of US$75. You can also order some extra compute resources based on your needs.

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LayerStack 推出CloudNet雲架構以提供靈活資源管理

LayerStack unveiled CloudNet to serve as an elastic cloud solution which enables self-resources management.




  • 部署多台虛擬機,供不同部門各自使用。
  • 為不同的分店或品牌營運獨立的POS零售系統。
  • 設置兩部或以上的虛擬機, 為網站流量進行負載平衡。

系統集成商 (System Integrators)

  • 集中管理及簡化營運,提高客戶管理效率。
  • 短期測試和項目開發的理想環境。


  • 在數分鐘內即可輕鬆複製虛擬機 (具備相同配置、應用程式及數據資料)。
  • 輕鬆建立自定義的虛擬機,分配不同資源以滿足不同客戶的需求。


  • 建立預備 (staging) 環境及通過私人網絡進行測試和開發
  • 輕鬆配置資料庫,以獲得更好的提取、轉換及載入(ETL)效能。

CloudNet基本服務計劃只需$585/月起,包括8個vCPU、16GB RAM、400GB SSD儲存空間、4個IP地址及50GB映像容量,您亦可根據不同需求訂購額外的運算資源。

立即部署LayerStack CloudNet雲架構。更多詳細信息,請瀏覽