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The infrastructure of Information Technology is changing and developing on an everyday basis and has changed the way our businesses operate. Cloud computing and cloud servers in Singapore and Hong Kong are ruling the technical as well as the financial market now. Along with such fast-developing technical services, also come the questions. Through this article, we want to discuss everything about a topic that has been baffling many till now- SSD Cloud Servers. In Singapore, especially. You must have thought about what a Cloud Server has to offers us, how important an SSD cloud server is to today’s businesses, and whether a cloud server is affordable or not. We, at LayerStack, have the answers to all your queries. So, read on.

What is SSD?

An SSD cloud server is a new kind of storage device. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. This cloud server is a fully electronic device that has no moving parts and gives a better performance compared to traditional hard disks.

Why Do You Need An SSD Cloud Server in Singapore and Hong Kong?

Speed: Speed is one of the key factors to be considered while running or hosting a website. SSD cloud server will be that device that comes with an amazing 75,000 IOS, i.e., the input/output operations per second.

Performance: SSD cloud server will not only increase the speed of your website loading, but all the files that have been featured on your website would be speedily accessible too.

SSD Cloud Server In Hong Kong And Singapore

Cloud server brings flexibility and unlimited growth capacity. Several businesses are opting for cloud servers in Hong Kong. Singapore cloud servers too, have become a talk of the town, as every business, be it big or small, is going for it. The needs and targets of every business vary. Be it cloud server Hong Kong or Singapore cloud server, the kind of cloud server you would be needing is entirely dependent on what you want for your business, whether a specific type of cloud server Hong Kong or Singapore cloud server will meet your requirements. We at LayerStack offer you the best of SSD cloud servers. Read on to know about our collection.

Best Cloud Servers In Hong Kong And Singapore by LayerStack

1. Standard Cloud Servers:

This type of cloud server is used for everyday computing. This SSD cloud server is the best option for web apps, blogs, virtual desktops, small and medium databases, and back-office operations. We provide these among many cloud servers Hong Kong, and Singapore cloud servers.

2. Memory Optimized Cloud Servers:

These servers are meant for intense workloads. If you need high performance, high memory, and cost-effective options among cloud server Hong Kong and Singapore cloud servers, then these types of SSD cloud servers are your best option. For SQL, NoSQL databases, real-time data processing, and data retrieval, this cloud server is an excellent choice.

3. High-Frequency Cpu Cloud Servers:

This SSD cloud server has a turbo boost of 3.4GHz. These servers are best for applications that depend heavily on computing speed as they support ultra-high performance. In comparison to other cloud servers in Hong Kong, and Singapore cloud servers that we provide, these cloud servers aid in AI and data-sensitive fields.

4. Dedicated Cpu Cloud Servers:

As there is high competition with regards to computing power in the market, this SSD cloud server makes use of the CPU for the speedy loading of applications and fast responses. Many cloud servers in Hong Kong and Singapore Cloud servers come in this format, and they are a suitable option for you if batch processing and video encoding are among your key requirements.

Our team at LayerStack will always be ready to analyze your requirements and provide you with the best SSD cloud server in Singapore and Hong Kong, that will help your business in all possible ways. Come and pay us a visit.

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Best Linux Server

General Cloud Server
Cloud Server

A balanced array of resources that support a wide range of cloud applications.

  • vCPUs: 1 – 24
  • RAM: 2GB – 96GB
  • SSD: 60GB - 1620GB
Starting at
Memory-Optimized Cloud Server
Cloud Server

Designed for workload requires processing large data sets in memory.

  • Dedicated vCPUs: 2-32
  • RAM: 24GB – 256GB
  • NVMe SSD: 200GB -1024GB
Starting at
Compute-Optimized Cloud Server
Cloud Server

Designed for workload requires CPU-intensive application/ workload.

  • Dedicated vCPUs: 2-32
  • RAM: 6GB – 64GB
  • NVMe SSD: 200GB -1028GB
Starting at
Arm-Based Cloud Server
Cloud Server

Powered by Ampere® Altra® Max Cloud Native Processors that deliver cost-effective processing power. [Know More]

  • vCPUs: 4 – 10
  • RAM: 8GB – 48GB
  • SSD: 50GB -400GB
Starting at
High Storage Cloud Server
High Storage
Cloud Server

Based on HDD at a low price, with unlimited data traffic. [Know More]

  • vCPUs: 2 – 8
  • RAM: 4GB – 20GB
  • HDD: 500GB - 1500GB
Starting at

Amp Up Your Speed

Harness the power of industry-leading Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the latest generation of AMD EPYC Milan CPU and lightning-fast NVMe SSD that save you time and stress. LayerStack gives you an incredible speed boost, unlimited traffic and uncongested bandwidth. Drive productivity with our multiple high-speed BGP Tier-1 uplinks that deliver network throughput at 2Tbps.

Amp Up Your Speed

Highest Level of Customer Support

We plan our customer support methodically around service satisfaction. Our most helpful human staff is accessible 24x7 to keep your server uninterrupted at all times. We stand by our 99.95% uptime promise, and our cloud experts are ready to provide premium hosting and customer services in the most caring manner. With LayerStack, you are always in good hands.

Highest Level of Customer Support
99.95% SLA
99.95% SLA

99.95% Uptime promise

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Live Chat

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Expert support anytime
Expert Support Anytime

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Swift and Simple Deployment

Hassle-free deployment ensures your server is up and running in only 60 seconds, whatever your cloud need may be. Managing the server is as simple with full-featured Application Programing Interface (API), Command Line Interface (CLI), and the intuitive LayerPanel.

Centralizing control of your API program
A CLI that access to your server
User-friendly LayerPanel cloud interface

Powerful Control Panel & APIs

Bring automation to the forefront of your business using LayerStack’s API – LayerPanel. Everything you do on LayerPanel can be automated into your systems. From scaling to managing add-ons and adjusting access control, everyday tasks are just a few clicks away. Server management has never been simpler and more intuitive.

LayerPanel LayerPanel LayerPanel API


Centralizing control of your API program



Scale the cloud infrastructure to accommodate your business needs



Manage numerous features with our powerful capabilities



A wide range of cloud computing solutions to make your cloud journey more scalable



Safeguard health and track the CPU usage of your cloud server

Proven Performance by Credible Benchmarks

LayerStack upholds superior cloud performance with Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the latest generation of AMD EPYC Milan CPU and NVMe SSD. Our General Purpose cloud server topped VPSBenchmark’s testing with outstanding web performance, CPU power and stability.

Read Full Report Comparison with Other Providers Comparison by Credible Benchmarks
  Plan Score Web Perf Raw CPU Power Perf Stability Disk IO Perf Network Perf
LayerStack LayerStack
Vultr Vultr
High Frequency 16GB
Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
F2s v2

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