Dedicated GPU Overview

Last Updated on 2021-06-02


The LayerStack Dedicated GPU service offers the high-performance accelerators for cloud servers parallelizing computations, suitable for parallel processing, machine learning & graphics-intensive applications.

Regional Availability

Dedicated GPU is currently available in Compute-Optimized Cloud Servers in Hong Kong region only.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions
Owner Enable Dedicated GPU
Member Not Available
Billing Member Not Available
Billing Admin Not Available


  • The GPU service can only be enabled for DC308-HK or above Compute-Optimized Cloud Servers plans.

Quick Start Guide

Enable Dedicated GPU

  1. Log in to LayerPanel, go to the Deploy section, and then select the service plan (Compute-Optimized Cloud Servers) which you want to deploy.

  2. In the add-on section, you may select Enable Dedicated GPU for this order.

  3. Once the payment is settled, you may refer to the following tutorials for installing GPU drivers inside your Cloud Servers.

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