Reverse DNS Overview

Last Updated on 2019-08-29


Reverse DNS (rDNS) is a method of resolving an IP address into a domain name, as opposed to resolving a domain name into an associated IP address as you do with a traditional DNS lookup.

Regional Availability

Reverse DNS is available in all regions.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions
Owner Edit Reverse DNS record
Member Edit Reverse DNS record
Billing Member Edit Reverse DNS record
Billing Admin Not Available


  • Before setting the reverse DNS record, you need to configure your domain zone and DNS records with your ISP or hosting provider.  

Quick Start Guide

Create a Reverse DNS record

  1. Log in to LayerPanel , go to the Services section and click Cloud Servers button. Then select the cloud server for which you want to create a reverse DNS record.

  2. Go to the Public Network section and select Edit.

  3. Enter your reverse DNS record and click Save.

*After your record is saved, please allow some time for the change to propagate before validating the new reverse DNS record.