Why was the card declined

Last Updated on 2023-06-20

We accept most international cards. However, there is a possibility that your card may be declined when attempting to add a new card or make a payment towards your invoices.

If your card or transaction is being declined, please check for the following common issues:

  1. 3D secure authentication failure: Our billing system requires the card issuer to complete 3D Secure authentication during the transaction. If you do not see the authentication page, please contact your bank or card issuer for further assistance.

  2. Banking restrictions: Common restrictions include limitations on international transactions, payment stops or blocks, or if the card has been flagged as fraudulent or stolen. Please contact your bank or card issuer for further assistance.

  3. Insufficient funds: The funds in your card may not be sufficient to complete the full transaction amount. Please check the balance of your card by reviewing your bank statement.

  4. Fraudulent transaction: Some banks mistakenly flag international transactions as fraudulent. If this occurs, please contact your bank and inform them that you authorize these charges.

Furthermore, you may contact our Customer Service for assistance.