DDoS Protection Overview

Last Updated on 2022-05-06


LayerStack’s 20Gbps DDoS Attack Protection diverts volumetric distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks – a type of malicious attempt that overwhelms a server or online service – and protects your cloud server.

DDoS Attack Protection automatically redirects DDoS attack traffic to our scrubbing center and allows only clean traffic to enter your server, mitigating the business-impairing attack and preventing service outage or the loss of crucial business data.

DDoS Attack Protection will be activated automatically during attacks without any effort on your end. Simply click the button and get protected.

Which Layers will be Covered by DDoS Attack Protection?

DDoS Attack Protection defends against the following types of DDoS attacks.

  • Layer 3, or the Network layer, also known as Smurf Attacks, ICMP Floods, and IP/ICMP Fragmentation.
  • Layer 4, or the Transport layer, including SYN Floods, UDP Floods, and TCP Connection Exhaustion.
  • Layer 7, or the Application layer, mainly HTTP-encrypted attacks.

Regional Availability

DDoS Attack Protection is currently available in Hong Kong region.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions
Owner Purchase DDoS Attack Protection, Terminate DDoS Attack Protection service
Member Not Available
Billing Member Not Available
Billing Admin Not Available


  • Traffic mitigation is based on the source IP address location.

Quick Start Guide

Activate DDoS Attack Protection

*The following steps apply only to existing cloud servers. Newly deployed cloud servers will have the DDoS attack protection service automatically activated.

  1. Log in to LayerPanel. Go to the Services section and click Cloud Servers. Select the cloud server for which you want to activate DDoS attack protection.

  2. Select Activate DDoS Attack Protection. Check and confirm the service fee by clicking Confirm Purchase.

    1. Once the payment is processed, click Enable DDoS Attack Protection and follow the tutorial below to configure a new IP address for the DDoS Attack Protection.

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