Last Updated on 2019-08-29

Get Started - Create Your First Account

Creating an account is the very first step to deploying Cloud Servers in LayerStack. Each account represents a single entity. By creating an account, you will be automatically assigned to the account owner. This role grants the master account permission to deploy and manage your cloud servers, as well as billing information. There is no limit on the number of Account creations.

Account-Related Features

Many of our products and features are associated with an individual account and will not be interoperable.

Account Cancellation

To ensure that billing records can be possessed by the Account owner, the account cannot be deactivated.

Roles and Permissions

From your account, you can also assign different roles for different permission. Permission are user-level access rights to various features in the LayerPanel 2. The owner can assign roles for completing specific platform management tasks and accessing specific account resources.

Two Factor Authentication

LayerStack supports 2FA for accounts in the form of a security code that you use in addition to your password when you log in. You can receive the code via a third-party authenticator app on your smartphone, such as Google Authenticator.

The owner needs to activate 2FA at Profile & Setting before proceeding to the Account’s 2FA activation.