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Creating and maintaining backups is a primary requisite for Cloud servers. The primary purpose of backups is to create a copy of the server data that can be used to recover the server at times of server failure. Backups help to restore the server from an earlier point in time.


This guide outlines the basic steps by which a backup of the Cloud server can be created using the Acronis Offsite Backup solution.

  1. Log in to the Acronis Cyber Protect Console (


    NOTE: Login information will be sent to your registered email after purchasing the Acronis service.

  2. Click on Devices and then on All Devices. All the servers (devices) registered under the Acronis account will be shown here.


  3. Click on the ENABLE PROTECTION button mentioned in the below image.


  4. You can edit the backup condition if necessary and then click on APPLY.


  5. Now click on Run Now button to initiate the backup.


  6. You can see the backup status.


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