Automated Backups

Centralized and Automated Backup Solution to Protect Your Important Data

Easy-to-use automated backups at regular intervals, allowing you to protect and recover your important business data.

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Complete Business Protection

Total backup and recovery of your business data in the cloud.

Ensure Your Data is Safe and Protected

Ensure your data is protected on separate and fault-tolerant external data drives.

Starting at US$2.01/month
(20% of selected service plan)
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Safeguard Your Data from Various Threats

It's time to get one step ahead, get started to protect your data by today.

Automatic Backups

Capture the entire system automatically with a complete backup of the entire system, files, and data in one simple step with great reliability at regular intervals to reduce manual intervention.

Live Backups

Once you've enabled backups, they will be scheduled to occur weekly, the backups basically run itself as a background task without interrupting servers’ uptime.

No Installation or Configuration Required

Enable the Backup service with simply one click with no extra steps. No software to install or configure.

Recovery at Any Time

Restore full system to ensure business continuity in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

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