How to perform a Full Backup in cPanel

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Backup is an important part of security and this can recover the server data in the case involving primary data failure. Before making any changes to the website or major panel setting, it is also better to create a backup and cPanel has a built-in backup tool to create backups easily.

  1. Log in to the cPanel and click on the Backup Wizard button in the Files section.


  2. Click on Backup button that is shown in the below image.


  3. Click on the button Full Backup and this feature allows you to download a compressed copy of all or part of your website.


  4. From the next screen choose the Home directory under the Backup Destination and enter the mail address if needed to get the notification to that mail address once the backup process is completed. Then click on the button Generate Backup.


  5. Once it has been done, it will show a message stating “Full Backup in Progress…” Allow some time for the backup to complete and will receive an email notification upon completion.


  6. The backup file will be in the /home directory, begin with backup, and include the date.


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