Load Balancers Overview

Last Updated on 2021-06-29


Layerstack’s Load Balancers service is a robust, scalable load balancing solution built upon our secure and distributed global network, it can maximize the capabilities of your applications by distributing traffic among multiple cloud servers regionally and globally.

Regional Availability

Load Balancers is available in Hong Kong, Tokyo & Singapore regions.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions
Owner Purchase Load Balancers Service, Enable Load Balancers, View Load Balancers, Terminate Load Balancers Service
Member Enable Load Balancers, View Load Balancers
Billing Member Enable Load Balancers, View Load Balancers
Billing Admin Not Available


  • For using private networking within the same region, assigning the Load Balancers & Cloud servers with the same private networking IP group (VLAN) is required.

  • Load Balancers is not supported between Cloud Servers in Los Angeles data center.

  • DDoS Attack Protection is currently available in Hong Kong region only.

Quick Start Guide

Subscribe Load Balancers

  1. Log in to LayerPanel, go to the Deploy section and select your preferred region for applying Load Balancers subscription.

Configure Load Balancers

  1. Go to Services and Load Balancers section, select Service Label (E.g. LB-123456-1234) and start the configuration.

  2. Editing Reverse DNS, Activating DDoS Attack Protection or Enabling Private Networking for Load Balancers can be processed on the page (Optional Setting).


  3. Configurations for Load Balancers such as Port Configuration, Heath Check & Connecting Load Balancers with Cloud Servers can be set up after scrolling down on the page. Various features and configurations of the Load Balancers service with details can be referred to from the following URL.


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