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TR Computer leverages LayerStack to reach a bigger goal

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Key takeaways
industry-leading cloud infrastructure
Affordable yet powerful solution supported by industry-leading cloud infrastructure with proven performance
Prompt and practical support
Prompt and practical support from cloud specialists around the clock
LayerPanel, a clear and intuitive dashboard, streamlines every aspect of cloud management from setting up the server to monitoring and scaling instances
highly-customizable templates
Stress-free, instant deployment and easy configuration made possible by highly-customizable templates

A mission with a vision

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And books remain a quintessential tool for passing knowledge and fostering education. From the very beginning, TR Computer set its sight on pushing this vision further and making education accessible to a broader community by providing schools, SMEs, religious institutions and governmental departments with library system support, so everyone can benefit from the collective wisdom of mankind.

With big aspiration came big costs

Just six years ago, back in 2015 when cloud computing only just started to be a thing, the team at TR Computer attempted to build their own server as the foundation of their proprietary library system. It didn’t take long before they realized that this very idea entailed huge investments.

Like every medium-sized business, the library services provider needed to watch every dollar they spent. Apart from the hardware, which in and of itself was extremely costly, they struggled to afford enough workforce for on-site installation, initial configuration, as well as periodic maintenance. The tight budget also limited the team’s ability to respond to their clients’ requests adequately.

After some early efforts, it became clear that the company needed a more affordable option to help end the travails. Enter LayerStack, which gave them exactly what they desired.


LayerStack as an economical alternative with a lot to offer

By adopting a cloud server, TR Computer was able to slice a huge chunk off their hardware expenses as LayerStack’s package offered everything they need – at a lower price among most web hosting providers out there. What’s more, LayerStack always has their back for every server maintenance schedule. On-site support has become less necessary because all LayerStacks cloud plans come with free deployment and initial setup arrangements – all done by cloud experts. All these have contributed to the fact that the company’s overall operation now costs only a fraction of their budget.


The team at TR Computer isn’t the only one who can enjoy the perks of LayerStack’s superlative cloud infrastructure, their clients also benefit from them. The six-year-old startup built a robust library system intending to spare their users the need to invest in in-house server hardware and network equipment themselves. With LayerStack, the company can provide services at a competitive price without compromising the service quality.

In addition, TR Computer trusts that LayerStack’s professional customer service team is ready to provide quick and helpful technical support 24/7, all year long. Able to allocate full attention to serving their valuable clients, the IT experts at the library services provider can eventually focus on their business and address their clients’ issues faster than ever.

When speaking of the features they like about LayerStack’s solutions, the team pointed out LayerPanel, which allows them to manage and monitor the cloud servers with ease. Everything from building the servers to tweaking specific configurations can be done in the centralized dashboard with just a few clicks, saving them time for actually serving their clients.

The IT team also appreciates the highly customizable templates, which serve as master copies to clone the cloud settings from one server to another, preserving all configurations and software. Scaling is no longer a stressful task for the team as multiple cloud server deployment is now faster, easier and more consistent.

“We are able to slice a huge chunk off our operating expenses as LayerStack offers everything we need in a server at a lower price but better hosting performance among other providers out there.”
– TR Computer

Welcoming the eighth year of running, TR Computer is growing stronger than ever with their state-of-art library management system. LayerStack is proud to be their cloud partner for the past four years and counting, supporting the company as well as the team to continuously advance their noble mission of promoting education accessibility.

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