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Plesk is a world renowned web management solution with an intuitive graphical user interface optimized for web server use. Plesk Obsidian delivers a new level of enhanced security and deep integration with WordPress. It is now available on LayerStack Cloud Servers.

Plesk Obsidian

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  • Intuitive reseller, subscription and account management tools
  • Integrated support and security tools for WordPress hosting
  • Security for protection from malicious users
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Made setup easily on PHP, Javascript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, and node.js for developers and designers.

WordPress toolkit

Enables mass-manage and secure multiple WordPress instances, plug-ins and themes, including staging and cloning.

Rock Solid Server-to-Site Security

One-click enable Free SSL encryption on websites and Fail2ban support to ban IPs contains malicious signs to protect server and site from malicious attacks.

Docker integration

Run container from images available on Docker Hub to access to a wide range of top technologies, such as Redis, MongoDB, Memcached, and more.

Git integration

Integrates Git deploy to deploy your website and applications easily by either pushing it to a local git repository or pulling it from a remote one.

Additional Features

Ease-to-install SSL certificates

Keep your server secured at all times with SSL/TLS certificates from the leading and trusted certificate authorities (CAs), such as Let's Encrypt and DigiCert.

File Manager

Be more productive than ever in File Manager with mass upload and file search.

Automatic Restarts

Plesk services that crash on Linux OSes (CentOS7, Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and Debian 8/9) will now restart automatically.

Repair Kit

Automatically detect and resolve issues with Plesk using Repair Kit, a powerful self-repair tool.

Immediate Default Security

Secured by default: mod_security and fail2ban v0.10 are active straight away.

Easier Plesk Access

Plesk entry point has been optimized for Clouds. Access Plesk via https:// <host-name-or-IP> without specifying the TCP port 8443.

Default HTTP to HTTPS

Newly created websites have an SEO-friendly HTTP to HTTPS redirect enabled by default.

PHP-FPM & Apache Tweaks

Services improvements will give you more reliability with restarts. PHP engines supplied with Plesk contain popular PHP extensions like sodium, exif, and fileinfo.

Advanced Monitoring

Track server resource consumption (CPU, RAM, Disk IO) and website availability via email or push notifications to Plesk mobile app

Plesk Obsibian Makes Everything Simple

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