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LayerStack Announces Two Advanced Plans – The High Frequency Cloud Servers and Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

17 November 2020 - LayerStack has recently announced the official launch of its High Frequency CPU and Dedicated CPU cloud servers plans. The High Frequency plan has been designed specifically to support applications that rely heavily on computing speed and need faster processing while storing and retrieving data. Utilizing best-in-the-class 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 64-core processors with a turbo boost of 3.4GHz and TDP 225W, the plan can efficiently handle ultra-high performance needs of workloads and applications, including those in AI, machine learning, computer aided design (CAD), data analytics, and other data-sensitive fields.

The Dedicated CPU plan, on the other hand, is tailor-made for heavy workloads that rely on sustainable CPU power, such as machine learning, CI/CD, batch processing, and video encoding. Harnessing the complete power of the CPU cores, it helps accomplish fast loading and responsive applications with ease in the absence of other clients competing for computing power.

“LayerStack has been relentlessly investing and innovating in the design of reliable and high performance cloud infrastructure. Our new cloud server plans deliver even greater power for developers and their teams to achieve optimized application performance,” said LayerStack Founder & CEO.

Key specifications of the new plans include:
• High Frequency starts at US$36 for 4vCPU, 8GB, 250GB SSD and 6TB transfer
• D-CPU starts at US$26 for 2vCPU, 6GB, 200GB SSD and 5TB transfer
• Support add-ons include Private Network, coming Global Private Network, China Direct CN2 Route, Backups, DDoS, templates, firewall, API, user permission management, etc.
• All plans come with free migration, unlimited traffic, 24/7 real-person customer support, access to the LayerStack Community and Tutorials.
• High-Frequency CPU servers powered by best-in-class 2nd Gen AMD EPYC.
• Dedicated CPU servers utilize dedicated CPU cores

A recent comparison of CPU used by top cloud providers is available at here. To find out more about LayerStack’s cloud server plans, please visit here.

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LayerStack was founded by a team of developers and engineers with more than 16 years of solid experience in cloud computing. Over the years, the company has continued to invest and innovate in the design of reliable and high-performance cloud infrastructure, helping thousands of customers to consistently improve their cloud experience. LayerStack has continuously demonstrated commitment to maintaining a simple, scalable, and stable cloud environment to provide multiple solutions for cloud deployment.

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