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Layerstack's High-Frequency CPU Cloud Servers Rated High in a New Report

07 December 2020 - Providers of high-performance cloud infrastructure, LayerStack, outclass contemporaries as benchmarking report reveals new competitive market option for high-performance cloud-based computing.

A recent report comparing different cloud computing solutions from several brands has revealed new findings that will help clients make informed decisions about the most suitable product. The report distributed by VPSBenchmarks looks at reliable brands in the field of cloud computing, comparing the pricing model vis-à-vis the quality of solutions provided and the performance.

VPSBenchmarks is a leading name in the cloud computing industry, helping customers in different parts of the globe to ease their decision-making process by providing them with the latest updates. Over the years, the company's reports and other resources have become increasingly popular as amazing tools for companies and other VPS solutions users.

The recent report, as published by VPSBenchmarks, looks at some best-in-class cloud providers in the industry. The report revealed a new competitive market option for high-performance cloud-based computing to help customers get value for every penny spent. The report’s key findings include LayerStack having a highly competitive pricing model compared to other industry players. The report also revealed that LayerStack has a more comprehensive value-driven solution, providing excellent performance values in all areas, including Web, CPU, Disk IO, Network, and Stability.

"The report uses a standardized testing methodology to evaluate the performance of cloud servers, based on five indexes to compare our cloud services to other top-classed cloud providers. We are honored and grateful for the result; we will keep innovating our service and cloud features to enhance valued customers' working effectiveness and efficiency," said LayerStack Founder & CEO.

The LayerStack High-Frequency CPU Cloud Servers (HF04) is one of the quality cloud computing solutions provided to make the cloud journey more scalable and investable across the globe. The servers use best-in the-class 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors with a turbo boost of 3.4GHz to deliver faster processing speed. The solution is designed to support ultra-high performance demanding workloads and applications, including those in AI, machine learning, computer-aided design (CAD), data analytics, and other data-sensitive fields.

Full VPSBenchmarks Cloud Report can be reached at - For more information about the new plans and other solutions offered by LayerStack, please visit - LayerStack is also available across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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