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LayerStack Releases New Arm-Based Instances with Ampere® Altra® Max Cloud-Native Processors to Handle Mobile & Web App Development

15 September 2022 - - Singapore - LayerStack today announced the launch of Arm-based instances, powered by Ampere® Altra® Max cloud native processors M128-30 that deliver excellent cost-effective processing power and sustainable performance to maximize operational efficiency, offering App developers to build and run compute-intensive applications and cloud-native applications that have high memory requirements. Arm-based cloud instances are first available in Hong Kong and will expand to other regions at a later time.

“Arm-based instances offer users to efficiently complete the most demanding scale-out workloads and cost savings for Arm-based applications, including web/app/gaming servers, CI/CD development, media encoding, large-scale Java applications at a much more affordable price,” said Dennis Ng, LayerStack’s founder and chief executive officer. “We are extremely excited to offer Arm instances to anyone who wants to turbocharge their application development or anything that needs Arm-powered and make the best use of it.”

Since Arm instances are based on ARM Neoverse N1 enterprise-level core architecture, it can eliminate the need for an emulator or nested virtualization, leading to superior performance for developing mobile or Android-based applications. In addition, the promise of Arm-based instances delivers linear scalability and price-performance advantages over x86.

LayerStack offers several Arm-based instances plan to choose from, as well as China Direct CN2 GIA route add-on and fast network connection with 1G port. For details, please visit:

LayerStack is committed to the growth of the Arm ecosystem in cloud computing, ensuring developers are positioned to receive all the benefits from Arm-based instances.

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