NVIDIA’s GPU Powers Up LayerStack’s Cloud Server Services

At LayerStack, our infrastructure continues to evolve to best fit your ever-changing needs. This time, we bring you NVIDIA®’s GPU – an add-on now available to LayerStack’s selective plans – and the next-level acceleration that comes with it.

A universal deep learning accelerator sitting on a low-profile 75-watt PCI-e card, the performant GPU is powered by NVIDIA’s latest proprietary Turing Tensor Core technology that enhances thermal management and offers powerful, energy-efficient, mixed-precision computing (FP32 to FP16 to INT8 and INT4) in real time.

Thanks to the new Turing core built specifically for AI inferencing and diverse workloads, NVIDIA’s GPU is 9.3 times faster than using a CPU alone on training, 36 times faster on inference. Its advanced multi-precision computing ability makes it ideal for deep learning and inference applications, machine learning and data analytics. Factory automation and smart sensing are among many other use cases that benefit from the uprated GPU.

Parlaying NVIDIA’s RTX™ technology, the Turing core also boosts its graphics prowess by realizing instantaneous ray-traced rendering and delivering all the horsepower to produce photorealistic objects and environments. The ability to generate physically accurate shadows, reflections, and refractions is no longer curtailed. Equipped with the superlative GPU, LayerStack’s cloud solutions take high-quality video/image rendering tasks and intensive gaming in its stride.

Installation is fuss-free as the NVIDIA GPU fits into our infrastructure – both Windows and Linux – effortlessly. Check for details on LayerStack’s selective plans with NVIDIA GPU available.

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