Product and Feature Updates: November 2020

LayerStack is consistently committed to improving and providing our valued customer with superior cloud computing service. We have made some adjustments on the plans and offers on LayerPanel, the highlights are listed below:

New High Frequency CPU Cloud Server: We are exciting to announce that High Frequency CPU Cloud Server is officially launched, it is powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 7742 with base clock speed 2.25GHz and a turbo boost of 3.4GHz. Specially designed for most demanding and CPU-intensive workloads. The plan and pricing information is available at

Withdrawal of High Storage Plan: The High Storage Plan is no longer available on LayerPanel. It is removed from our official website on 27/10/2020.

Changes in LayerStack Template: Template is now integrated with VM Import on LayerPanel supporting five VM image format including VDI, VMDK, VHDX, QCOW2, and RAW. Every account can create or import 3 templates with max. size 150GB each. Full Template details at

New Feature to Private Networking: Labeling function is now available, cloud users can add customized label to different Private Network.

Price Adjustment on Acronis Offsite Backup Service: A new price list is applied to Acronis Offsite Backup Service. The updated pricing can be reached at

Price Adjustment on DDoS Attack Protection Service: The cost for DDoS protection add-on is adjusted from US$ 18 to US$20.5 per month. Full DDoS Protection details at

You can also check out all the previous updates at LayerStack Release Note. It is very appreciated if you have any ideas for improving our products, please let us know your comments on LayerStack Community.

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