Private Networking

Isolate Your Cloud Servers in Separate Private Networks

A dedicated VLAN that users can enjoy true private networks in an isolated environment. The connection between different LayerStack instances will under a private and high capacity private network.

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The True Private Networking

Private Networking provides a private connection between your cloud servers without being connected to the public network or sharing network resources with noisy neighbours.

At LayerStack, we have been providing our customers with Private Networking for diverse use cases, such as Application to Database, ERP to Client Data, Production to Standby, or more.

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Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

The private networking makes Virtual Private Cloud practical, maximizing users’ data privacy and security with true isolated instances.

Keep Business Data and Works Isolated

VPC is an isolated network for cloud resources operating with a private IP address. All data will be transferred through a secure and ultra-fast connection between virtual machines. A cloud server is needed to be deployed as an internet gateway (virtual router) for VPCs. Users can be benefited from optimized data protection with isolated instances.

General Applications of VPC:
  • Company Confidential
  • Clients Information
  • Transactions Data
  • Web & Apps Developer
  • Project-based Service Provider

Secure & Private

Giving you private communication between servers within an isolated environment.

Quick VPC Deployment

Fast and Easy virtual private cloud set-up procedures.

Safeguard Your Business from Disaster

Data mirroring replication to isolated instances via private network to ensure minimal recovery time objective.

Fully Isolated Network Environment

Communicate privately and securely between cloud servers over a dedicated VLAN, meeting the security isolation needs of your businesses.

Secure Sensitive Data

Quickly and efficiently transmit sensitive data over a dedicated VLAN that unreachable from the internet.

Reduce Outbound Bandwidth Usage

Avoid network traffic jams and decrease latency over an unmetered private network without data limits.

Improve Processing Capabilities

Transmit resource-heavy workloads (like databases) via a high capacity and low latency isolated network

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