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LayerStack Announces The Launch of Affiliate Program

20 February 2020 - Leading providers of cloud servers, LayerStack, launches affiliate plan for all categories of customers and professional hosting affiliates

LayerStack has again reiterated the goal of enhancing our customer experience as the company recently launched affiliate program. The free affiliate program is available to all categories of customers, including existing customers and professional hosting affiliates. The plan has a remarkably high rate of commission, allowing affiliates to earn 10% commission on any cloud servers sale accounted up to US$1,993.46 per sale. The affiliate program is unique from many of the available plans as it allows people to start earning immediately, with a registration process that takes a few minutes to complete.

We have launched the affiliate program to bring our solutions closer to more people while ensuring that our partners are duly rewarded for their efforts. The program also resonates with the principle of our company to build strong long term relationships with partners, as we continue to expand our reach across different industries,” said LayerStack Founder & CEO.

The features of the affiliate program stand it out from others in the industry. The program offers a plethora of benefits to affiliates, especially in the area of commissions. The affiliate plan uses the performance-based revenue model, allowing affiliates to enjoy high paying commissions based on the efforts they put in. This ensures that affiliates are duly rewarded and put more effort to earn more from their referrals, with multiple packages available to meet the diverse needs of affiliates. The program also offers instant account activation, allowing affiliates to start earning almost immediately. The user-friendliness of the registration interface of the LayerStack affiliate program is another unique feature of the plan.

For more information about the affiliate program and the solutions offered by LayerStack, please visit - LayerStack is also available across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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