Who We Are

LayerStack is made up of cloud developers and engineers. Backed by 18 years of solid experience, we continue to invest and innovate in the design of reliable and high performance cloud infrastructure. We are committed to maintain a simple, scalable and stable cloud environment with the aim of providing multiple solutions for the cloud deployment.

Today, LayerStack is helping thousands of customers consistently improving their cloud experience. Are you ready to join us?

Comprehensive Cloud Computing Service Provider

Layerstack is a simple and comprehensive Cloud Computing Service Provider. For us, nothing is more important than serving our customers with high-end cloud computing services.

It's a challenge to run a business, ensure its productivity, be ready for transformation and expansion, and improve the growth potential while staying updated with the latest technological advancements that are finding their way into the business world. Today's financial and commercial infrastructure is entirely running on Cloud Computing, and we at LayerStack are determined like never before to give you the best services of Cloud Computing. We know that the world is changing with every passing second and is moving at a pace that would be impossible to catch if we do not rely on technical developments. That is the reason, we as a cloud computing service provider, are resolved to provide the best of services and be a part of your success journey. Read on this featured column to know more about us and our cloud computing services.

Who Are We

Cloud computing is a computer resource that is on exceedingly high demand these days. We, at LayerStack, are an experienced group of cloud developers and engineers that are committed to providing the best cloud computing services to small and big businesses. We are a compendious cloud computing service provider with eighteen years of professionalism in this field. What is our goal? As a cloud computing service provider, we want to invest in cloud infrastructure that is innovative, secure, reliable, and is high-performing. While many people and businesses around us are still skeptical about applying cloud computing into the business industry, we want to change the way cloud infrastructure is looked at. LayerStack aims at making cloud computing simple and stable.

We want to become a trustworthy cloud computing service provider and hope to help more people as time goes by. We want to consistently incorporate cloud computing experience into your businesses, institutions, and online platforms.

Why We Recommend Cloud Computing

We'd like to answer that question in a few words: Because cloud computing makes sure that a business is always growing. Keeping a business initiative close to the digital world is the key to success. Be it data storage, scalability, continuity of business, efficient collaborations, etc., cloud computing will achieve them for you. As an experienced cloud computing service provider, we assure you of the perfect maintenance of your systems if you opt for cloud computing.

Why Choose Us

1. Because We Love Cloud Computing

We aren't just a cloud computing service provider; we have a passion for cloud computing. We believe in the effectiveness of cloud computing and also look at it as an ever-developing technology that will change the way all industries will run in the future. As a cloud computing service provider, we will listen to you, craft accordingly, and implement the best plan.

2. We Are Always Improving, Always Developing

We at LayerStack believe in excellence. As one of the most experienced cloud computing service providers, we know we have to keep up with the speed cloud computing is moving with. Hence, we are always ready to improve, develop, and update. We make sure to bring you the best and the latest in cloud technology.

3. We Will Come To You

Yes. You don't have to come to us. As a cloud computing service provider, we aim at delivering the best service at your doorstep. At LayerStack, customer satisfaction is our top-most priority, and nothing comes before that.

4. We Respect You

We respect every customer. We are always open to your concerns, suggestions, and your needs.

We want to work along with your business towards achieving the same goal. You can trust us because we have built our clients' confidence through our services. Come to us, make us a part of your journey, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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Comprehensive Cloud Computing Service Provider

Layerstack is a simple and comprehensive Cloud Computing Service Provider. For us, nothing is more important than serving our customers with high-end cloud computing services.

Strive For Our Believed Values

We love Cloud Computing

We love Cloud Computing

We would rather say cloud computing is an ever-changing art form more than a technology. We think big, listen well, and craft it gently.

We strive for innovative and continuous improvements

We strive for innovative and continuous improvements

Our development team will keep working on the R&D to meet the market needs, and we’d love to surprise our customers with new insights and products.

We encourage self-service

We encourage self-service

We aim at delivering quicker and more efficient service for greater customer satisfaction throughout every single touch point of cloud journey.

We respect every customer

We respect every customer

We value our customers opinions. We encourage everyone to get involved and make LayerStack better.

We as a trust-worthy provider

We as a trust-worthy provider

We keep our promises and have confidence in our services. We share our thoughts so that we all understand each other for achieving the same goal.

LayerStack Milestone


2023. April

Offered Minecraft server hosting


2023. February

Released Premium Compute solution in Hong Kong, providing ultra-high performance computing power.


2022. December

Officially launched S3 compatible Object Storage in Hong Kong and Singapore.


2022. November

Arm-based cloud servers are now available in Singapore.


2022. November

Redesigned LayerStack logo with the tagline 'Together We Cloud'


2022. September

Firstly launched Arm-based cloud instances in Hong Kong.


2022. February

Awarded the“2022 Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong”by MediaZone Group


2022. January

Dedicated Cloud has Arrived in Singapore.


2021. December

Launched Dedicated Cloud in Hong Kong.


2021. September

Launched One-click Apps.


2021. June

Launched Load Balancers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.


2021. June

Launched Memory Optimized Cloud Servers in Singapore.


2021. June

Launched Compute Optimized Cloud Servers in Singapore.


2021. January

High Frequency CPU and Dedicated CPU cloud servers are powered by the enterprise PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD.


2021. January

Launched Global Private Networking


2020. November

Launched Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers


2020. October

Launched High Frequency CPU Cloud Servers


2020. July

Received "Best Value VPS" from the VPSBenchmarks


2020. June

Launched Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


2020. April

Launched China Direct CN2 Route


2019. December

Launched Firewalls in all four regions


2019. November

Launched new High Memory and High Storage Cloud Servers plans in Hong Kong


2019. November

Launched LayerPanel 2 in all regions


2019. September

LayerStack Launched DDoS Attack Protection


2019. July

LayerStack Launched LayerPanel 2 in Singapore and Japan


2018. December

Launched High Memory Cloud Servers for memory-centric usage


2018. November

Launched High Memory Cloud Servers for memory-centric usage


2018. January

Tokyo Japan data center opened to widen the APAC coverage


2017. November

Upgraded Layer Panel for a more intuitive user interface


2017. October

Launched High Storage Cloud Servers for storage-centric usage


2017. October

Unveiled CloudNet for flexible resources management


2017. August

Released Status Page for real-time incident notification


2017. June

Launched Load Balancer for handling unexpected spikes


2017. April

LayerStack launched with Hong Kong and Singapore data centers

Our Infrastructure

6 data centers in 4 locations to meet the needs of customers in the globe by developing a strong footprint in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Los Angeles. Our data centers are built in select locations to keep our products running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.