High Storage Cloud Server

Your ultimate high storage cloud server for more space at a new low price.

LayerStack's High Storage Cloud Server plan is designed to maximize standard CPU and memory allocations, offering based on large HDD hard disk with SSD cache to host any type of your data.

LayerStack High storage Cloud Server

High Storage Cloud Server Pricing

High storage A500-HK
Best Value
2 vCPU
500GB HDD Storage
. US $14.95/mth
High storage A1000-HK
Premium Plus
4 vCPU
1000GB HDD Storage
. US $27.95/mth
High storage A1500-HK
Pro User
8 vCPU
1500GB HDD Storage
. US $42.95/mth
Irresistible Price

Irresistible Price

We always keep our promise to bring you the best value with affordable prices that last.

Irresistible Price

Large HDD Storage with SSD Cache

Optimized HDD hard disk space of up to 1.5TB brings you the best price-storage ratio, and with an ultra-fast SSD cache, your data benefits from improved speed and boosts overall performance.

Irresistible Price

Amazing Speed

Besides the large storage capacity, speed is another thing we are good at with unlimited traffic and uncongested bandwidth. After all, what is good about that storage space if it takes forever to upload a file?

Why Do You Need a Bigger Storage Capacity?

Why do you need a bigger storage capacity

When it comes to bigger storage, less is never more. It is simply because digital content such as photos, videos, or more advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and IoT has become more complicated and do require more space to store data.

That is why we meticulously designed the best high storage cloud server plan that can give you tremendous amounts of storage space to handle large data and save bigger backups without a moment of hesitation.

Use Cases

Below are some common use case scenarios that you can capitalized on High Storage Cloud Server:

Your Web Hosting Partner

Your Web Hosting Partner

Storage space is a key component of your web hosting when it comes to a more complex website such as a real-time interactive app. Our high storage cloud server would be the perfect fit to let you store as many media files as you need to run it smoothly.

FTP Cloud Storage Solution

FTP Cloud Storage Solution

FTP cloud storage is a simple efficient way to host important files securely and access files remotely anytime, anywhere, plus setting up your own FTP server is costly so we can save your money big time.

Best Multimedia Cloud Storage

Best Multimedia Cloud Storage

With our high storage cloud server, it offers you the most convenient way to store and backup large amounts of your photos and videos securely and ensure your library is instantly accessible.

Get started on storing your valuable files and data with a HDD high storage cloud server now.