Choose your best hosting option: Bare metal server or Dedicated Cloud?

It is important to choose the most suitable server to store and protect data. Bare metal servers or Dedicated Cloud are common choices. Check out their differences

Bare metal server or Dedicated Cloud?

A reliable server is the big heart of a business or company. It is very important decision of choosing the most suitable one to store and protect all the data. Bare metal servers or Dedicated Cloud are both very common choices for enterprises. But then which one is the suitability for your business? In this article, we are now going to take a look at the differences between bare metal servers or dedicated cloud, in order to aid your understanding of what you need, and help you make a right and bright choice based on the key elements and factors.

Bare metal features

Most of the bare metal servers consist of one or more dedicated server. Bare metal servers allow users to configure things as needed by providing full access to the machine’s hardware. In the other words, the users do not need to worry about the bare metal servers being affected by other users as you got a full access to your storage, processor and memory. A software called hypervisors is installed in bare metal server and no operating system is needed to run it. It is essential for some systems to allow this operating system in bare metal server in order to access and apply the virtualization software.

Bare metal server is similar to a dedicated physical server on the cloud. A bare metal server has high-performance computing power on the basis of elasticity and flexibility. The computing performance is the same as that of traditional physical machines, and Bare metal server has the characteristics of safe physical isolation.

Who should choose bare metal server?

Physical machines have a sense of security. Some enterprises, especially large ones, are a little concerned about migrating private data centers to public clouds. Bare metal servers can give users the same sense of security as physical machines. If the user's application is sensitive to performance requirements, then choosing a bare metal server is the best choice, as bare metal server can fulfil high performance requirements.

In some application scenarios, data security and supervision requirements are very strict, and virtual machines cannot meet user requirements and require exclusive physical machines. Obviously, bare metal servers are a more suitable choice with safety supervision.

Having said that, bare metal server got some drawbacks as bare metal server itself only hosts one client at a time and the concurrency is often harder to implement without an OS framework to assist. To use bare metal server, sometimes you write quite a lot of all the device drivers for your system and it can be hard to debug.

Dedicated Cloud features

Nowadays, dedicated cloud is becoming broader than ever. When the dedicated cloud servers were introduced into the market, everything changed, especially from a technical point of view. The dedicated cloud came with a cloud-based feature. A dedicated cloud basically acts as an individual and single-tenant public cloud, which is also seen as a single-tenant cloud infrastructure. If the workloads are mainly resource-intensive, dedicated clouds is definitely a good helper in this case since it can reduce an organizations downtime and cost while promoting adaptability and performance.

There are several reasons for dedicated cloud having a competitive strength in the marketing. When you are working with a dedicated cloud, you can make changes to a file with synchronization and and updated across all of your devices. Unlike bare metal server, dedicated cloud does not need a hardware to run and cloud storage is certainly cheaper per GB than using external devices.

Data loss is a serious blow to businesses, so many companies will take corresponding measures. In traditional systems, you need to handle all the backup and recovery planning yourself, and the dedicated cloud will take care of this for you. And the most important factor of dedicated cloud is to protect your server from viruses, hackers and other malicious software against unauthenticated access from the outside world. Dedicated cloud also prevents hackers from penetrating your firewall or router and connect to a particular port and let it through based on the defined set of security rules, but not only does it match multi-servers. And of course the firewall can also help you to set up specific rules in-order to restrict access to specific ports of the system based on IP address.

Who should choose dedicated cloud?

With a VPS server, you can share processors, hard drives, and memory resources with other people’s sites. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, it may be more cost-effective to outsource technology requirements to third-party SaaS and reduce in-house technology spending. Large law firms with adequate infrastructure and resources may choose to use dedicated cloud. Small and medium-sized law firms may benefit more from public cloud or hybrid cloud solutions. If cost reduction is a priority, dedicated cloud solution may be preferable. If the focus is on future expansion of existing infrastructure, a dedicated cloud is also appropriate.

Dedicated cloud enables flexible deployment, allowing enterprises to distribute workloads across public or private infrastructure environments based on security, performance and cost requirements. For example, the workload of online shopping websites, web pages and apps use dedicated cloud. When entering the payment process, it will be transferred to the private cloud to continue. This ensures the cost-effective operation of the website and the compliance when paying. Dedicated cloud also achieves the scalability of public cloud environments without exposing sensitive IT workloads to security risks. With high reliability, data, business and workloads are spread across different clouds or data centers. Dedicated cloud is highly flexible and economical, routine processes can be placed on the public cloud, and private clouds can access the most core enterprise data.

It can be seen that how to choose the cloud is mainly based on the nature, scale and goals of the enterprise. There is no best cloud product and no best settings, so when you choose a cloud or bare metal server, you may wish to check with your cloud provider or IT provider. Most IT vendors will provide consulting services to design the most suitable IT architecture for the enterprise.

Dedicated Cloud

Forget about noisy neighbors. Get your managed dedicated hosting with 100 percent scalability and zero percent sharing. Bring together the resource isolation of a dedicated server with the instant provisioning, processing power and flexibility that cloud platforms are known for.

60 Seconds Deployment
Unlimited Traffic
Dedicated RAM & CPU
Blazing-fast NVMe SSD
Enterprise NVMe
LayerStack Cloud Servers

What is Dedicated Cloud?

A Dedicated Cloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) dedicated virtualization solution that provides cloud resources to serve a single tenant. The isolated cloud environment offers the benefit of the outstanding, undivided power and performance of a dedicated server, while delivering the resource flexibility that only a cloud platform can offer.

In addition, Dedicated Cloud Virtual Machine is the best solution that guarantees a long-term processing power combining the advantages of a cloud solution and a physical server. By minimizing service downtime and maximizing flexibility, Dedicated Cloud helps businesses of all kinds reduce costs and boost performance to reach their most ambitious goals.

What is Dedicated Cloud

Optimize your Cloud Journey with our Dedicated Cloud Plans

Unmatched Performance and Flexible
Unmatched Performance and Flexible User Experience
Dedicated Physical Cores
Dedicated Physical Cores (vCPU)

A virtual server with all resources dedicated to a single client.

Suitable for:
  • Medium-to-high-traffic web servers
  • High-volume and high-traffic websites
  • eCommerce platforms with high traffic and functionalities
CPU model options
amd epyc cpu intel-xeon-platinum
Virtual Environment
Dedicated Hardware
Dedicated Hardware

Powered by dedicated physical resources that are not shared with other tenants.

Suitable for:
  • Highly-regulated industries with sensitive data
  • Companies demand high IT security and compliance solutions
  • Software-as-a-Service applications
CPU model options
amd epyc cpu intel xeon
Storage options
Dedicated Hardware Dedicate GPU

Resources Allocation

The highly scalable processing power of dedicated cloud platforms means flexible vCPU and RAM allocations.

Fully Managed Private Cloud Hosting

We take care of your entire hosting infrastructure, including hardware and the cloud platform itself, so you can focus on your VMs and applications.

Powerful Add-on Fully Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Global Private Network – Secure Your Important Data & Resources

A private communication supported by a Layer 2 connection between servers within the same or across multiple regions through a dedicated, isolated VLAN. All sensitive data and resources are encrypted end-to-end, and transferred through a 1,000 Mbps data connection to the same region, safeguarding your critical data and assets as well as your customers’.

Powerful Add-on Global Private Network


Designed to match multi-servers, our Firewall effectively protects your server against viruses, hackers, unauthenticated access and other malicious attempts from the outside world. Set up specific Firewall rules through our user-friendly LayerPanel to restrict access to specific ports of the system based on IP address. Your data is always safe with us.

Powerful Add-on Firewall

Multiple VMs for Utmost Efficiency

Virtual Machine (VM) uses server virtualization technology to bridge the gap between shared hosting and a dedicated server. A single physical server can host multiple VMs, each operating without affecting each other in the server. As the operating environment is isolated from the rest of the system, anything running inside the VM will not interfere with anything else running on the same host hardware.

Standard Image Templates

Capture existing virtual dedicated server configurations regardless of the operating system and duplicate them to new VMs.

Standard Image Templates

Custom Template

Replicate your VM configurations to a master template for improved availability and instant scalability.

Custom Template

Cloning – Backup and Restore

Deploy multiple VMs with the same resource allocation and configurations simultaneously, saving you a great amount of time when you need new and similar machines fast.

Cloning – Backup and Restore

Why LayerStack’s Dedicated Cloud?

Minimized Cost
Minimized Cost
Dodge the cost of buying or renting an entire dedicated server.
Automatic Scalability
Automatic Scalability
Automatic scalability service mitigates the requirement for manual infrastructure management and allocates resources to you dynamically.
Incredible Uptime
Incredible Uptime
High server uptime is ensured for your site – a necessity for any business that offers online services.
Unleash the Power of Blockchain with LayerStack’s Dedicated Cloud

Unleash the Power of Blockchain with LayerStack’s Dedicated Cloud

While blockchain has gained popularity for use in cryptocurrencies, the technology is used by many businesses across industries, from finance to healthcare and retail to supply chain management. The robust nature of the underlying technology makes it ideal for sharing data, all benefit from the security, transparency and efficiencies blockchain technology has to offer.

LayerStack’s easy deployed, low-cost virtual machines empowered by Dedicated Cloud have proven an excellent match for the needs of blockchain businesses. Combining the power of simplicity, open source, community and customer support, businesses can spend less time managing their cloud infrastructure, and more time building innovative applications that drive business success.

Amp Up Your Speed

Harness the power of industry-leading Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the latest generation of AMD EPYC Milan CPU and lightning-fast NVMe SSD that save you time and stress. LayerStack gives you an incredible speed boost, unlimited traffic and uncongested bandwidth. Drive productivity with our multiple high-speed BGP Tier-1 uplinks that deliver network throughput at 2Tbps.

Amp Up Your Speed

Highest Level of Customer Support

We plan our customer support methodically around service satisfaction. Our most helpful human staff is accessible 24x7 to keep your server uninterrupted at all times. We stand by our 99.95% uptime promise, and our cloud experts are ready to provide premium hosting and customer services in the most caring manner. With LayerStack, you are always in good hands.

Highest Level of Customer Support
99.95% SLA
99.95% SLA

99.95% Uptime promise

Live Chat
Live Chat

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Expert support anytime
Expert Support Anytime

24/7 round-the-clock support


China Direct CN2 Route
China Direct CN2 Route
*Free of charge
if prepaid 1-year in advance
Global Private Network
Global Private Network
Load Balancer
Load Balancer
99.95% SLA Guarantee
99.95% SLA Guarantee
24/7/365 Technical Support
Technical Support

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