What is Dedicated Cloud and why is it worth your attention

LayerStack has been offering various cloud servers packages – each comes with its unique benefits. Dedicated CPU plans give you undivided computing power while shared CPU plans render more economical options, all powered by state-of-art cloud infrastructure regardless. By sharing the same online environment, we are able to deliver cloud solutions at competitive prices.

Now, we are expanding our product lineup and giving you Dedicated Cloud, a new cloud solution where you enjoy every single high-performing cloud function that you love about us, but with larger flexibility on allocating your resources to unlock new business potentials.

What is Dedicated Cloud?

Hosting through a Dedicated Cloud server essentially means you are the only tenant of an isolated instance. While our existing dedicated CPU plans also deliver exclusive CPU power and other dedicated resources (resources including RAM is always dedicated across all LayerStack plans), you are entitled to greater flexibility on how you use your resources with Dedicated Cloud.

One key feature of this proprietary architecture is that you are given the right to grant clients access to portions of your hosting space. The trick here lies in the hypervisor. Our traditional cloud plans come with a pre-assigned LayerStack hypervisor – a controller that allows multiple tenants in a server. That means when you are one of the tenants in the cloud with any number of neighbors that have chosen the same amount of vCPU and memory as you have.

On the contrary, opting for our new Dedicated Cloud solution means you rent the entire cloud environment with a hypervisor to your name. This way, you can create multiple, separate virtual machines at will within the cloud environment that belongs to you and only you. Apart from this, it gives you absolute control over the setup, configurations, and where your resources go in each of these VMs. With a new level of resources mobility, get ready to embrace great opportunities for better resource utilization or even subletting extra cloud space to other users.

How you can capitalize on Dedicated Cloud – common use case scenarios

1. Cost-efficient resource utilization

With the ability to freely allocate resources as you please, you can design and manage different instances for specific projects down to the finest requirements. Create an optimal system that saves your budget by intelligently directing resources from tasks with low CPU usages to serve resource-intensive applications. Free up server resources from backend operations and testing environments for resource-demanding real-time data processing or machine learning.

2. Customized hosts to fit varying task nature

Creating separate and highly-configurable servers is a big part of Dedicated Cloud. Tailor your individual hosting environment depending on the application’s functions and workloads. With this isolated design, you can better control network traffic and manage your website’s performance. Not only does this maximize efficient use of resources, ensure stability and reduce cost, it also gives your privacy-sensitive applications an extra layer of protection. Say goodbye to peak-season network congestion and unwanted data breach.

3. Customized hosts to fit your clients’ most unique hardware requirements

Not all applications ask for the same hardware specifications and configurations. Running an e-commerce platform or AI application will cost you much more CPU power and memory than a virtual desktop. Dedicated Cloud allows you to set up multiple isolated instances and takes control of features like storage and bandwidth to handle various tasks. It is also a great setup for catering to various clients with distinctive hardware needs

4. Subletting extra resources

Think of having a spare room in your apartment. LayerStack’s Dedicated Cloud allows you to be your own boss and sublet extra cloud space to clients with similar nature or business functions. It’s an ideal solution for businesses that work with small businesses or simply want some extra cash to cover their IT expenses.

Does our Dedicated Cloud solution sound appealing to you? Should you have any questions regarding our Cloud Servers, please feel free to contact us by email to [email protected].

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