Here’s the most common cause of data loss of what we heard from our customers, and this is how LayerStack helps you.

Data loss is a major inconvenience that disrupts the day-to-day function of any business. The most common causes of data loss of what we heard from our customers are “Human Error”.

What is the Most Common Cause?

For businesses, human error is the leading cause of data loss. In fact, there are not as many security breaches, hardware failures, or data corruption as everyone imagined, and in most cases, employees have made mistakes in their work in some way. For instance, unintentional deletion of data files made by employees can overwrite important files or delete information that is critical to your business without realizing it.

There was one thing that happened to one of our customers recently, he accidentally deleted a primary database when he attempted to replicate the primary to the secondary location, so a huge amount of data was lost. Apparently, there are many such stories, but is it possible to reduce the chance of data loss with training? Yes, it is, but may not be completely avoided, as we cannot root out human error, so automatic backups could be a simpler way to reduce worry.

How Can LayerStack Help You?

LayerStack launches automatic backup at LayerPanel v2.0

LayerStack backups is a new tool that makes it easier for developers on the platform to back up their data from cloud servers at a single point in time. The automated backups will be run at regular intervals, allowing you to protect and recover your important business data. Moreover, backups are stored on separate and fault-tolerant external data drives within the same data center.

LayerStack Automatic Backup

Backup Schedule

Backups are taken once per week, and the first copy will be taken on the second day after the backup service is enabled. Each backup is retained for four weeks. Maximum 4 most recent backups are stored on separate and fault-tolerant external data drives within the same data center. Older backups are rotated out after each scheduled interval.

LayerStack Backup Schedule

Simple Pricing

Enabling automatic backups for cloud server is now costs 15% of the basic service plan per month. You may visit our product documentation for more details.

Regional Availability

Backups are currently available for all cloud servers in Singapore and Japan regions. It will soon roll out in Hong Kong and Los Angeles regions in Q4 2019.

What’s Next?

We hope that you love this release! Sign up for a free account at LayerPanel v2.0 if you are interested in this new feature! You can also read our backups documentation which explains in detail how backups work. More news and updates can be found on our blog.

Feel free to share your thoughts at our feedback page.



WannaCry,席捲全球的勒索軟件,幾天之內影響150個國家至少達二十萬部電腦。受害者包括政府部門、醫院及企業。WannaCry利用微軟的文件共享系統  —  伺服器訊息區塊(SMB)漏洞惡意散播及自動植入勒索軟件,將受影響電腦內所有檔案加密並勒索要求比特幣。幾乎所有受害者未能及時作出反應,導致資料被毀壞,揭示普遍企業缺乏網絡安全意識及應對措施。

WannaCry利用SMB漏洞散播攻擊,用戶可通過關閉SMBv1服務加強預防,避免受攻擊。另外, WannaCry針對微軟Windows系統進行攻擊,用戶應定期更新Windows作業系統及其他應用程式軟件,可大大減低漏洞出現的機會。

LayerStack Official Blog - WannaCry



  1. 避免開啟來歷不明的郵件、檔案或連結
  2. 設置較複雜的密碼 (包含大寫字母、符號和數字)
  3. 定期更新應用程式及軟件
  4. 定期作資料備份!


惡意程式清除軟件只能保護您的伺服器而非重要資料。 但是任何網絡攻擊或您的錯誤點擊都可能導致客戶數據或重要業務資料遺失。 因此,備份方案是保護重要資料的最佳方法之一。


Acronis 異地備份方案,提供影像及文件備份和修復解決方案。備份管理系統容易操作,您可以輕鬆設置每日、每周或每月的備份計劃。此外,Acronis備份方案設有高安全性 256 位元 AES 加密的資料保護。最重要是,Acronis將您的重要資料進行異地備份至新加坡數據中心,保障您企業的資料復原。