LayerStack expands its product category with high storage cloud


LayerStack expands its product set in Q4 of 2017 to support a great variety of IT purpose like data management and cloud storage. Regarding the customers’ demand on reliable cloud server with high storage, we are glad to introduce a new service – High Storage Cloud Servers to assist developers and enterprises to cope with storage-centric challenges. LayerStack’ s High Storage Cloud Servers leverages the storage for Customer Relationship Management applications, file sharing, backup, database, mail server, etc.

This storage intense service contains 500 GB, 750 GB or 1000 GB storage which cost only half of the standard plan. It is designed for enterprises or individuals who simply need a cost-effective high storage cloud solution with standard compute and network performance.

Use Cases

A variety of usages can benefit from our High Storage Cloud Servers:

Backup Server

This high storage capacity server is perfect to serve as a backup server to protect your critical assets including operating systems, applications, website data and database for recovery purpose.

Database Server

High storage cloud servers can be set up as a database server for storing space demanding files which are not frequently access at a lower cost.

File Sharing and collaboration applications

It is essential for a company to have file sharing systems and collaboration applications like Team Messaging Apps or Project Management Apps which enhance the efficiencies of the employees.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Server

This new launched cloud server also enables our customers to operate CRM application for storing and managing large amount of clients’ information at a lower price.

Mail Server

Building mail server could be the best solution for your business to handle and store plenty of business emails in/out every day. It also enables you to access the raw email files and check the mail server logs.

Archiving Server

Archiving business emails, conversations or messages for internal records which is traceable for compliance requirements.

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WannaCry,席捲全球的勒索軟件,幾天之內影響150個國家至少達二十萬部電腦。受害者包括政府部門、醫院及企業。WannaCry利用微軟的文件共享系統  —  伺服器訊息區塊(SMB)漏洞惡意散播及自動植入勒索軟件,將受影響電腦內所有檔案加密並勒索要求比特幣。幾乎所有受害者未能及時作出反應,導致資料被毀壞,揭示普遍企業缺乏網絡安全意識及應對措施。

WannaCry利用SMB漏洞散播攻擊,用戶可通過關閉SMBv1服務加強預防,避免受攻擊。另外, WannaCry針對微軟Windows系統進行攻擊,用戶應定期更新Windows作業系統及其他應用程式軟件,可大大減低漏洞出現的機會。

LayerStack Official Blog - WannaCry



  1. 避免開啟來歷不明的郵件、檔案或連結
  2. 設置較複雜的密碼 (包含大寫字母、符號和數字)
  3. 定期更新應用程式及軟件
  4. 定期作資料備份!


惡意程式清除軟件只能保護您的伺服器而非重要資料。 但是任何網絡攻擊或您的錯誤點擊都可能導致客戶數據或重要業務資料遺失。 因此,備份方案是保護重要資料的最佳方法之一。


Acronis 異地備份方案,提供影像及文件備份和修復解決方案。備份管理系統容易操作,您可以輕鬆設置每日、每周或每月的備份計劃。此外,Acronis備份方案設有高安全性 256 位元 AES 加密的資料保護。最重要是,Acronis將您的重要資料進行異地備份至新加坡數據中心,保障您企業的資料復原。


What is the best way to protect your business data?

A ransomware named WannaCry impacted over 150 countries and 200,000 computers in just a few days. Victims include government departments, hospitals and other enterprises. Exploiting vulnerabilities in Server Message Block service (SMB) in Microsoft operating system to spread and execute intrusion attacks viciously. SMB is a system for file sharing between computers. WannaCry used its defects to implant the ransomware. WannaCry locked and encrypted all files on a computer system and extorted the victims for digital currency Bitcoin. Nearly all of the victims failed to respond promptly which resulted in victim’s data loss. This revealed the fact that many enterprises and individuals lack consciousness of cybersecurity.

WannaCry used SMB defect to enforce attacks. Users could enhance the precaution by disabling the SMBv1 file protocol in Windows to avoid the attack. Moreover, regular updates of Windows, other applications and software will help significantly reducing the potential defects.

LayerStack Official Blog - WannaCry

4 simple Tips to stay away from ransomware

Apart from installing Anti-Virus software, you could enhance the cyber-safety awareness of your employees. The following 4 steps could simply reduce most threats and losses of your business server.

  1. Avoid opening of suspicious emails, attachments and links
  2. Set complicated passwords with combination of capital letters, symbols and numbers
  3. Update software and applications frequently
  4. Backup data regularly!

Is Anti-malware enough for protecting your data?

Anti-malware could only protect your server but not data. However, any cyberattack or your careless “mis-click” could cause losing client data and important business information. Therefore, backup solution is one of the best ways to secure your data.

How could Acronis Offsite backup solution protect your data?

Acronics Offsite Backup offers image and file backup and restore solution. The backup management system is user friendly that you can easily set backup schedule for daily, weekly and monthly backup. Besides, your data will be protected with high secure AES-256 bit encryption. Most importantly, all the data will be backed up to Acronis Singapore datacenter to safeguard your data recovery.

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Hello world! A new cloud chapter has begun at LayerStack

LayerStack is an IaaS provider leveraging on hardware and networks to provide stable and high performance cloud to assist our clients to achieve their business objectives. Our cloud servers built on redundant platform powered by Openstack, has led us to the creation of multiple solutions for the cloud deployment. Also with a team of cloud experts, we monitor hardware and networks 24/7 to ensure low latency connectivity and stable performance.

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您好, 世界! 這是雲端服務的新開始 – LayerStack

我們是基礎設施即服務 (IaaS) 的雲端服務供應商, 充分利用及優化硬件和網絡以提供穩定和高效能的雲端方案,以協助客戶實現其業務目標。 我們的雲伺服器建基於 Openstack 的冗餘架構上,為雲端部署創建了多種解決方案。我們亦擁有經驗豐富的雲端技術團隊,24/7 全天候監控硬件和網絡狀況,以確保低延遲的線路連接和穩定效能。

立即於LayerStack 開始,在五分鐘內即可完成註冊及部署您的第一個雲端服務。詳情請瀏覽