Dedicated CPU Cloud Server

Dedicated CPU Cloud Server Official Launch

It is pleased to announce the launch of our new cloud server plan – the Dedicated CPU Cloud Server. Same as other LayerStack cloud servers, it is powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 64-Core CPU to deliver high cloud performance for most of the general and CPU-intensive workloads especially for the ones need sustainable computing support like machine learning. In contrast to standard servers, dedicated CPU server is installed with entire CPU cores that are accessible only by your instances, thus your software and applications can always run at peak speed.

Dedicated CPU’s Specifications

The selected 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor has 64 cores and supports 128 threads with a TDP of 225W. The base clock speed is 2.0GHz which can be boosted up to 3.3GHz in turbo mode. It works perfectly on diverse tasks relying on CPU power, such as analytics, app development, CAE/CFD/FEA ERM/SCM/CRM apps, VDI and many more.

Cloud Computing with Second Gen AMD EPYC (EPYC2) 64-Core CPU

Benefits of AMD EPYC on Cloud Server
High and Better Cloud Performance

The AMD EPYC™ processor secure root of trust is designed to validate the initial BIOS enabling software boot without corruption. It also helps safeguard privacy and integrity by encrypting each virtual machine with up to 509 unique encryption keys known only to the processor.


Most Common Use Case of Dedicated CPU Plan
Common Use Case of Dedicated CPU VPS

Harness the full power of the CPU for applications and workloads. Fast loading and responsive applications in the absence of other clients competing for computing power. Scalable on-demand and intended for heavy workloads, such as AI, machine learning, CI/CD, batch processing, and video encoding.

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