Feature Comparison of Top Cloud Providers

Cloud providers are offering diverse cloud features and add-ons aiming to enhance cloud efficiency and data security. In most cases, users just need to pay a small cost to enjoy powerful features like private networking, auto-backup and DDoS protection. Some of the listed features are even free to enjoy, such as template and unlimited traffic. In this article, a simple feature comparison of top cloud providers is conducted for cloud users’ reference.

Feature Checklist Comparison of Top Cloud Providers

In this feature comparison, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linode, DigitalOcean and Vultr have been chosen to compare. This report is for reference purpose only, all related information is accessed on their official website, the content may not be completely true or may become untrue in the future, we bear no responsibility for any listed information. Besides, we have conducted a simple Price Comparison Report, interested readers can reach the article HERE.

Private Networking and VPC

Private networking and VPC are the uprising features for clients to place sensitive data like customer information and transaction data. Although Lindoe states itself offering private network, the network connects the whole datacenter and users need to block traffic with Firewall. The data security concern still exists when there is no dedicated VLAN for specific instances. Moreover, LayerStack’s global private network is ready to be launched which protects users to send sensitive data across regions. This feature is currently supported by global brands like AWS and Azure, but other providers do not offer related options.

Linode Private Networking and Virtual Private Network
Source: https://www.linode.com/docs/platform/manager/remote-access/


Template, also known as snapshot, is widely provided by all the brands. Users can save a template of instances at a point of time, it is useful when cloud users want to deploy multiple cloud servers with the same configurations. Todays, LayerStack’s template is integrating with Image Import, users can export a virtual machine image from your virtualization environment for quick server deployments.

Five Virtual Machines Image Format
Source: https://www.layerstack.com/templates

Custom ISO

As for Custom ISO, the scenario is in contrast to global VPC. Cloud-based companies do offer similar options allowing users to install their own operation system on cloud server, while global brands AWS and Azure do not support this function. Custom ISO is especially useful for companies who need to run specific OS (or specific version of OS) for business applications and industrial software.

AWS Custom / Private Operation System (ISO) Solution
Source: https://blogs.oracle.com/ravello/install-iso-image-aws-google-cloud

Unlimited Data Transfer

LayerStack exclusively offer free unlimited traffic to customers which is not offered by any listed cloud providers. In general, most providers are charging users for data transfer. A study shows that data usage costs often end up contributing 30% of total cost (Cloud Evangelist, 2019). In brands like Azure, AWS and Google, users are charged approx. US$ 0.12 for every GB downloaded from cloud or moved to another server. On the other hand, package-based cloud providers charge users US$ 0.01 for each additional GB usage after accounts have reached the transfer limit. However, LayerStack would not charge any cost for data transfer.

Data Transfer Cost Contribute 30% of Total Cost
Source: https://www.cloudmanagementinsider.com/


It comes to the end of Cloud Provider Feature Comparison. Please let us know your comments and suggestions on LayerStack Community.

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