Arm-based Cloud Server

More power, more work done efficiently.

Introducing LayerStack’s Arm-based cloud virtual machines, powered by cloud-optimized CPU based on Arm architecture that delivers excellent cost-effective processing power, allowing you to easily complete the most demanding application development.

Fully Optimized for Cost Effectiveness
Better price performance than x86 VMs
Remarkable Processing Capabilities & Efficiency
High performance cloud-optimized processors
Designed for Scalable, Cloud-Native Apps
Designed for Android App development
LayerStack Arm-based Cloud Server

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Enjoy ARM hosting with LayerStack's Arm-based cloud server by having better price performance, high scalability and designed for Android app development.

Investigating the SEO Benefits and Future Prospects of ARM Hosting

Web hosting is critical in establishing a website's search engine exposure and user experience in today's digital ecosystem. As technology evolves, ARM Hosting has emerged as a cutting-edge service that promises considerable SEO benefits. In this post, we will look at the concept of ARM Hosting, its SEO advantages, and its future prospects.

Recognizing ARM Hosting

The ARM architecture is the foundation of ARM Hosting, a processing technology noted for its energy economy and versatility. ARM processors have had a significant impact on the mobile device market over the years, and their adaption to the hosting sector is an interesting development.

Embracing the SEO Benefits of ARM Hosting a) Quick Load Times

One of ARM Hosting's distinguishing features is its ability to provide quick loading speeds. The improved ARM processors allow for faster data processing, resulting in faster website load times, which is important for SEO ranking.

b) Indexing for Mobile Devices

Google's mobile-first indexing has become the norm as the world has gone mobile. ARM Hosting is well-suited to mobile devices, assuring seamless interoperability and increased search engine rankings.

c) Sustainability and Green Energy

Because ARM processors are known for their low energy consumption, ARM Hosting is an environmentally beneficial solution. As search engines place a greater emphasis on sustainability, opting for green hosting options can boost SEO ranks.

Addressing Issues and Strategies for Implementation

While ARM Hosting offers strong SEO benefits, it also presents obstacles that must be carefully considered. Managing software and hardware compatibility, as well as ensuring compatibility with various website scales, are critical elements in overcoming obstacles. Furthermore, preserving security and stability is critical for long-term success.

A Look at the Future of ARM Hosting a) Adoption in the Cloud Computing Market

ARM Hosting is projected to achieve widespread popularity in the cloud computing market as demand for energy-efficient and high-performance solutions develops. Its cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits will be major motivators for its widespread adoption.

b) Technological Progress and Performance Enhancements

With continued breakthroughs in ARM chip technology, the performance of ARM Hosting is expected to improve significantly. This advancement will improve its SEO capabilities and make it an appealing option for website owners.

c) Benefits for Businesses and Individual Users

ARM Hosting is not restricted to a certain user group. Scalability and cost-effectiveness benefit enterprises, while individual users benefit from optimal performance and long-term hosting solutions.

Best Practices for Increasing the SEO Impact of ARM Hosting

Website owners must use the following measures to maximize the SEO potential of ARM Hosting:

a) Select a Trustworthy ARM Hosting Service Provider

Choosing a credible ARM Hosting service provider is critical to ensuring that your website runs smoothly and reliably.

b) Keyword Strategy and Content Optimization

To improve your website's search engine exposure, use effective content optimization approaches and include relevant keywords.

c) Optimization of Website Structure and Layout

Ensure that the structure and layout of your website are optimized for faster loading times and a better user experience.

d) Concentrate on Mobile User Experience

Prioritize mobile user experience to attract and keep visitors, given the importance of mobile-first indexing.

ARM Hosting has emerged as a game-changing web hosting service, providing exceptional SEO benefits and a long-term approach. ARM Hosting is prepared to impact the future of web hosting with its emphasis on speed, mobile-first indexing, and green energy. Adopting this technology and adopting top SEO techniques will surely result in improved online visibility and user experiences. As technology evolves, embracing ARM Hosting may be the key to being competitive in the digital arena.

Recommended reading

Are there any disadvantages to using ARM-based hosting?

Single-threaded performance lags behind that of typical x86 processors. Not all software has yet been optimized for ARM. Web hosting providers' support for ARM servers is still in its early stages. Furthermore, there is now less variety in ARM server hardware options. However, the ARM ecosystem is fast growing to close these shortcomings.

Does ARM hosting provide faster performance than standard hosting?

No, not always. Many factors influence performance, including server configuration and workload. ARM hosting, on the other hand, can deliver high performance per watt of power consumed. Because of the efficiency of ARM chips, more cores can be packed into servers.

What are the advantages of using ARM hosting?

The primary advantages include cheaper costs, energy efficiency, and high core density. ARM servers consume less power, lowering data center energy costs. More cores in fewer space saves real estate as well. These savings are passed on to customers in the form of decreased hosting fees.

Super Light, Super Cool

ARM, known as Advanced RISC Machine, or Reduced Instruction Set Computer, is designed to have the lowest possible energy consumption as it contains the CPU, RAM and the required sensors altogether. The Arm chips use minimal computing instructions, which requires fewer transistors in the circuitry, thus, providing as much as 30% better price performance by running efficiently per core and at a lower cost per core. Moreover, using more power-efficient Arm chips also helps cool down the heat tremendously to avoid server hardware not achieving maximum performance.

Cross-region Load Balancer

Extraordinary CPU performance

Powered by Ampere® Altra® Max Cloud Native Processors M128-30, based on ARM Neoverse N1 enterprise-level core architecture, Arm VMs can be able to maintain a sustainable performance in cloud computing that you have never experienced before.

3.0 GHz
Maximum Frequency
8x 72-bit
7 nm TSMC
Based on FinFET Technology
128 Core
Cloud-Native Processor

The future of cloud computing is all yours

Arm has already become the key component of mobile devices, the world’s largest technological ecosystem. The reasons are simply because of its low power consumption and big cost saving. It is certainly becoming the new industry standard that is suitable for any developer to build next-generation applications.


Use Case

For Web and App Servers

For Web and App Servers

Since many web applications open one thread per request when running in the cloud, it would be the best match with Arm-based VM as it offers single threading and linear scalability over the x86 processors.

For Arm Native Mobile Apps

For Arm Native Mobile Apps

Developing apps, game simulators and Android system compilers on mobile platforms is more efficient and reduce cost when done on an Arm-based VMs, as well as eliminates the need for cross-compilation to simplify workflow.

For Cloud Native Apps

For Cloud Native Apps

With multiple Arm processors, it would be easier to dedicate a vCPU to each microservice in a cloud-native app so that it is less likely to run into noisy neighbor issues. Best of all, you pay less for a high processor count than on an x86-based VM.

Pricing Plan

High storage ARM108-HK
8GB Ram
4 vCPU
US $7.00/mth
High storage ARM208-HK
16GB Ram
6 vCPU
US $12.00/mth
High storage ARM308-HK
32GB Ram
8 vCPU
US $20.00/mth
High storage ARM408-HK
48GB Ram
10 vCPU
US $32.00/mth

Amazing Benefits

Ultra-Fast NVMe SSD

Ultra-Fast NVMe SSD

Performance optimization

Performance Optimization

More Affordable Price

More Affordable Price

More efficient memory utilization

More Efficient Memory Utilization

Growing Arm Ecosystem

Growing Arm Ecosystem



Suitable For:

Arm-based cloud VMs are engineered to efficiently run compute-intensive workloads and Android applications that need to scale out quickly, and also suitable for data analytics, web and app serving, CI/CD, microservices, media encoding, Java apps, AI & IoT software development and much more.

Data analytics
Data Analytics
Web Server Hosting
Web Server Hosting
Cloud-Native Applications
Cloud-Native Applications
Large-Scale Java Applications
Large-Scale Java Applications
Internet of Things and more
Internet of Things and more

Performance Benchmarking

We conducted a Geekbench performance test on our Arm-powered processor, based on 2vCPU and 4GB RAM configuration against other major competitors and the result has shown that the UnixBench score is higher than all x86-based VMs, as well as fio test in MB/s and iops.

24/7 Live Technical Support

Our most reliable live support is accessible 24x7 to always keep your server uninterrupted.

At LayerStack, we know that cost for performance is a decisive factor for your business to choose Arm and x86 simply cannot surpass its attractive price-to-performance ratio.

Get started today and migrate your applications to the ultra-fast Arm VMs, enabling significant cost savings without compromising performance.