1. Evaluation

Understand your VM conditions and evaluate the risks during the migration process.


2. Planning

Determine the product portfolio and designs optimal migration plans.


3. Migration

Use well-proven practices to migrate the applications and database to the LayerStack cloud.

Eliminate Complexity of IT management and Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Professional and hassle-free migration service. All data will be encrypted and transmitted over a secure channel.

Migrate to LayerStack

Customized Migration Solutions based on Your Actual Environment

LayerStack migration service outranks the alternatives in all categories, and capable to cover different scenarios.

multi platform support Multi-Cloud Support
Google Cloud
And more…
multi OS support Multi-OS Support
Multi-Hypervisor Support Multi-Hypervisor Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for the migration?

Free of charge.

Who qualifies for free migration?

We provide reliable and free Migration Service according to your VM situation within 30 days of Cloud Servers purchase, and newly upgraded accounts.

Will there be any IP or DNS changes?

Yes. You can’t move your existing IP addresses along with your services. Rather, you’ll receive an IP address assigned by our system. For the DNS changes, you may notify our support via ticket and they will be happy to update the DNS record to the new address for you.

How long will the free migration take?

The timing of your migration is part of the discussion with our Migration Team. Depending on your project scope, our typical migration process takes within 1 week to complete.

Will there be any interruption to service?

Yes. While the migration takes place, services can be interrupted for short periods of time, but our goal is to return to service as quickly as possible.
If your instance is not able to go through the live migration process, you will be notified via a ticket and a standard migration will be scheduled.

How will I need to prepare for the migration?

We strongly recommend you make your own offsite backups in place before the migration date.

Migration Form

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