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LayerStack Announces the Launch of the LayerPanel v2.0 Open BETA

02 July 2019 - LayerStack, the fast-growing cloud infrastructure provider, has successfully passed another milestone of its development. The company today announced the launch of the new Cloud Control Panel - LayerPanel v2.0 Open BETA, which is a typically a more refined version. After a successful Private BETA program with over 100 users, the cloud experience offersmore stable and efficient for users to manage different layers of their cloud services.

LayerPanel v2.0 has been specifically developed to meet the demands of the enterprise users by expanding its control panel features with APIs. The goal is to provide customers with maximum control over their cloud management.

The latest upcoming version of LayerPanel provides numerous long-awaited features with a complete and intuitive interface, companies will be able to take advantages of fast deployment and continuous expansion.

With LayerPanel v2.0, users will have the opportunity to benefit from:

LayerStack API

The API is a programmatic interface that allows users to interact with LayerStack cloud services. Users can manage their cloud servers by easily connecting and consuming cloud resources.

User Permission Management

Permissions are user-level access rights to various features in the LayerPanel v2.0. The owner can assign roles for completing specific platform management tasks and accessing specific account resources.

There will be so much more to the features implemented in the later version of the LayerPanel v2.0.

During the first stage, the open BETA will be available in Hong Kong and Japan, Singapore will also be available afterward. “We want to provide our customers with increased flexibility and the power of choice to manage their cloud servers in different ways, especially with these APIs,” said, the LayerStack Founder & CEO. “Users can create their own customized solutions for their business. The APIs help control specific cloud resources and their distribution. For example,the rapid provisioning of cloud resources or network configurations is something that our APIs can help with.”

Participation in the open BETA is welcome to everyone. More details at

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LayerStack is committed to maintaining a simple, scalable and stable cloud environment with the aim of providing multiple solutions for cloud deployment.

The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with multiple datacenters in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Los Angeles.

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