Why deploy your Joomla on LayerStack cloud servers?

VPSBenchmarks is an independent benchmarking platform. They found that LayerStack General Purpose cloud servers are the best compared with other cloud service providers.

  Plan Score Web Perf Raw CPU Power Perf Stability Disk IO Perf Network Perf
LayerStack LayerStack
Linode Linode
Dedicated 8GB
aws aws
Digital Ocean Digital Ocean
CPU Optimized 4GB
Google Cloud Google Cloud

Turbo Boost Your Workloads

High Performance Architecture

LayerStack cloud servers are equipped with the ultra fast PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD (enterprise version) and the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors/ the latest generation of AMD EPYC™ processors.

Lightning Fast to Speed Up Work

Superior Service Support Than The Others

We care about our customers. Other cloud providers deprioritize support to gain more profits. In LayerStack, our cloud experts are ready to assist you anytime, with any issues, 24/7/365 human support.

Superior Service Support

Deploy your Joomla from a wide range of LayerStack cloud servers

General Purpose
General Purpose
Cloud Servers

Day-to-day computing at a lower cost along with a configurable amount of memory and storage.

Cloud Servers

Specialize in handling ultra-high memory loads specially for memory-intensive workloads.

Premium Compute
Premium Compute
Cloud Servers

Harness the full power of the CPU without users competing for computing power. Suitable for long-running and latency-sensitive applications.

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