The Differences Between High Frequency CPU and Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

Differences of CPU-Focused Cloud Servers Plans

To cope with diverse needs in cloud solutions and improve users’ cloud experience, LayerStack has made significant updates to the offers in Q4 2020. It newly launched two cloud servers plans, the High Frequency CPU Cloud Servers and Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers. It is no doubt that both of them are specially designed for CPU demanding workloads and applications, so what are the differences between the two new plans? This blog will identify the differences and provide some use cases for cloud users.

High Frequency CPU Cloud Servers

Effective in AI and machine learning

Launched in October 2020, it utilizes top-class 2nd Gen AMD EPYC with a turbo boost of 3.4 GHz which is the fastest architecture available on LayerPanel. It is specially designed for applications that rely heavily on computing speed and faster data processing. Moreover, dedicated GPU will be available soon for users who are seeking ultimate ML performance on High Frequency CPU Cloud Server.

CPU Comparison

According to the CPU comparison conducted recently, CPUs applied in LayerStack’s cloud servers are scoring 71362 and 67185 by PassMark which are way ahead of the processors used by other top cloud providers. Obviously, LayerStack’s High Frequency CPU Cloud Servers is utilizing top-level processors in the cloud industry. Users’ most demanding workloads can be handled rapidly with superior clock speeds, large bandwidth, and fast I/O transfers.

Dedicated CPU Cloud Server

Suitable for latency-sensitive applications

Launched in Nov 2020, it is powered by another AMD EPYC2 which can be boosted up to 3.3GHz in turbo mode. The CPU cores are dedicated to specific servers that users can harness the full power of the CPU for their workloads. This servers plan is specially designed for long-running or latency-sensitive applications that require significant computing power to support.

Use Case

Although both new plans are CPU-related providing users with strong computing power, they are best suit in different cases. High Frequency CPU Cloud Servers is very effective in compute-intensive applications like machine learning, computer aided design (CAD) and video encoding. Dedicated CPU Cloud Server, on the other hand, is performing well in long-running projects, technical analysis, CI/CD and batch Processing.


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Why Should You Adopt Cloud Servers?

Why Should You Adopt Cloud Servers? Benefits of Cloud Servers.

Cloud Servers has been a business trend for years. With cloud servers, documents and applications can be accessed through the internet on a quicker basis, cloud users can also practice Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with any smart device for remote working.

It is accounted that more than 85% of businesses worldwide are making use of cloud technology to store and process data. In fact, 67% of enterprise has already turned into cloud-based. It is not surprising that the numbers keep rising today and cloud computing will become even more common in the coming future (Bulao, 2020) .

Below are some reasons why you should definitely adopt cloud solutions:

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost with cloud servers

It is commonly agreed that application of cloud servers is able to help the organizations to cut cost which is the major reason for most of the enterprise moving workloads to the cloud. Companies can save costs from several aspects such as IT infrastructure, Energy cost, IT specialist and Data security. You can reach another blog article HERE for more details.


Scalable Cloud Server

Scalability is another selling point of cloud servers. It may involve big investments and some time-consuming workloads to activate a physical machine, and that time lost may eventually affect your businesses. However, it takes only 5 mins to resize cloud servers to perfectly meet the changing needs and traffic spikes in a simple and cost-effective way.

Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security

Data security is the major concerns resisting businesses to apply cloud solutions. However, cloud servers are proved to be more secure than legacy system in most cases. Many cloud services possess different security solution like Firewalls, DDoS Attack Protection, Online Backup, Private Networking. You can reach another article HERE for more details.

Cloud Management

Simple Cloud Management

Cloud providers are responsible for the cloud management, once there is any error occurred, the trained specialist would respond immediately. Thus, employers do not need to worry about the IT training and the potential of human error which may lead to businesses disasters. Moreover, cloud users may apply backup solutions to prevent possible data corruption.


The business environment is changing rapidly, more and more workloads were moving to online to meet the changing needs. This move has been speeded up due to the outbreak of Covid-19, remote working has become more common today. Surely, there are many benefits for businesses to apply cloud computing solutions which are not discussed in this article. It is no doubt that you should get on board now and start enjoying the benefits of this megatrend!


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Affiliate Bay – LayerStack Review 2020

Affiliate Bay is an independent informative site that covers a wide range of platforms, products, and online services. It has conducted a review on LayerStack cloud computing service. In the review, different elements and offers has been evaluated in detail. It is giving audience An comparatively complete picture of the quality of LayerStack service can be given to audience. It is our honour to be rated 9 out of 10 on service quality and concluded as a reliable cloud service provider. We will always maintain the high standards and a world-class cloud service to our valued customers.

Full review at:
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Faster than Light – LayerStack High Frequency CPU

CPU is the core power of cloud computing deciding the data-solving capability of the servers. Some CPU-intensive workload such as machine learning and financial calculations rely very much on the computing power. In fact, a CPU can be evaluated by several aspects, like cores/threads, clock speed, TDP, etc. According to the CPU comparison on PassMark, the CPU installed in LayerStack High Frequency plan outperform similar cloud servers of other top cloud providers. Reach the full article at Serchen Blog.

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Latest Product and Feature Updates: December 2020

LayerStack is consistently committed to improving and providing our valued customer with superior cloud computing service. We have made some adjustments on the plans and offers on LayerPanel, the highlights are listed below:

New Dedicated CPU Cloud Server: It is pleased to announce the launch of our new cloud server plan – the Dedicated CPU Cloud Server. The server is installed with entire 2nd Gen AMD EPYC CPU cores which are accessible only by your instances, thus users’ software and applications can always run at peak speed. The plan and pricing information is available at

Updates in High Memory Cloud Server: High Memory Cloud Server has been officially renamed as Memory Optimized Cloud Server. All the specification and cloud performance remain unchanged.

Price Adjustment on Auto-Backup: The cost of Auto-Backup is calculated proportionally to the plan subscription fee, the rate is increased from 15% to 20% of plan price. Full Backup details at:

Price Adjustment on DDoS Attack Protection Service: The price of DDoS protection add-on is adjusted from US$ 20.5 to US$30.5 per month. Full DDoS Protection details at

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Free VPS – Cloud Computing Review 2020

Free VPS ( is an independent VPS evaluating platform aiming to provide readers with useful cloud-related information. Recently, they conducted a Cloud Computing Reviews to compare top-cloud providers in the market including Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr and LayerStack.

We are grateful that the report identifies LayerStack’s outstanding value in Pricing, CPU configuration and Features. Although we are a upgrowing brand compared to other cloud providers, LayerStack delivers competitive and well-performing cloud computing solutions to our valued customers.

Free VPS – The Best Cloud Computing Service Reviews of 2020 can be reached at

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