The Importance of High Performance Cloud Infrastructure for Blockchain as a Service Business 

For any Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) business, having a reliable and high performance cloud infrastructure is absolutely critical to success. BaaS businesses provide blockchain-based services to clients, so their cloud servers and infrastructure support everything they do. If the infrastructure goes down or experiences issues, it directly impacts the ability to serve clients and can damage the reputation and credibility of the BaaS business.

There are a few key reasons why high performance cloud infrastructure is so vital for BaaS businesses:

• Scalability: BaaS businesses need infrastructure that can quickly and easily scale up or down based on client needs and workloads. Blockchain networks and applications can require intensive computing resources, so the infrastructure must be able to scale to meet those needs. 

• High availability: Powerful infrastructure means high availability of services, with minimal downtime. For BaaS businesses, any downtime can be a major problem, so the infrastructure must be architected for 99.95% uptime or higher.

• Fast performance: BaaS applications and services must perform quickly and deliver fast client response times. The underlying infrastructure – including servers, storage, and network connectivity – must be high performance to enable fast applications. 

• Security: Security is essential for any blockchain-based business. The infrastructure must have strong security controls, encryption, and oversight to help prevent any vulnerabilities or potential attacks. 

• Compliance: For many BaaS businesses, compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS and others is necessary. The cloud infrastructure should enable and support compliance with any regulations that apply to the BaaS business.  

LayerStack cloud provides an ideal platform for BaaS businesses, with scalable, highly available infrastructure, fast performance, security and compliance capabilities. The optimized cloud environment is purpose-built for blockchain applications and workloads, giving BaaS businesses a reliable foundation to build and operate their services. By partnering with LayerStack, BaaS businesses can focus on their clients and services, knowing they have a high performance cloud provider to support them.

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