高記憶體雲伺服器 (High Memory Cloud Servers) 是我們推出的第三款雲伺服器產品,有效針對高記憶體 (RAM) 容量的工作負載需求,如數據庫、記憶體緩存和渲染 。請參閱下表了解具體資訊或到訪我們的的服務收費頁面。

LayerStack 高容量雲伺服器服務計劃收費
LayerStack 高容量雲伺服器服務計劃收費

新伺服器類型提供的記憶體資源比我們目前提供的任何其他雲伺服器類型都多,RAM 與 CPU 的比率高達 24 : 1,可由 24GB RAM 擴展至 96GB RAM,月費由 HK$315 至 HK1,678 不等。

LayerStack 將為您繼續提供最合適的服務,我們希望這些新計劃能滿足您的需要:


平衡運算、RAM 和網絡資源的各方面配置,適合大多數工作負載的用途。

高記憶體雲伺服器 []



SAS 儲存容量最大化及配備標準 CPU 效能,適用於建立電郵伺服器和文件歸檔等用途。

LayerStack 正在為數千名客戶持續改善他們的雲端體驗,更不斷投放資源及研發可靠及高效能的雲端服務。你準備好要加入我們了嗎?

LayerStack Launches High Memory Cloud Servers for Memory Intensive Workloads

High Memory is our third cloud servers offering and it’s a response to the need for higher RAM performance for memory-intensive workloads such as databases, memory caching, and rendering. See the chart below for specifics or visit our simple pricing page.

LayerStack High Memory Cloud Servers Pricing EN
LayerStack High Memory Cloud Servers Pricing

The new server types offer more memory resources than any other cloud server type that we currently offer, with up to 24:1 ratio of RAM to CPU, start at 24GB of memory and scale up to 96GB, and range from HK$315 to HK$1,678 per month.

LayerStack will always provide the best service suits you, and we hope you find these new plans useful:

Standard Cloud Servers

A balance of compute, memory, and network resources. Suitable for most general purpose workloads.

High Memory Cloud Servers [NEW]

Specifically designed for memory-intensive workloads such as databases, memory caching, and rendering.

High Storage Cloud Servers

Optimized SAS storage with standard CPU performance for running workloads with higher storage demands such as mail server, file server, archiving, etc.

LayerStack is helping thousands of customers consistently improving their cloud experience and continue to invest and innovate in the design of reliable and high performance cloud infrastructure. Are you ready to join us?