5G and Cloud Computing

The world is now heading towards 5G fifth generation network connection, 5G is revolutionizing the network industry by providing ultra-fast transmission rates which can be 100 times faster than the existing 4G. 5G is now live in 24 market globally and reaching 1.31billion subscriptions by 2023, accounting for more than 10% global connection. It is generally agreed cloud computing as the best partner for business to capture value from new 5G era, here is some ideas how cloud computing benefits your business.

Website Speed

In order to optimizes user interface and website experience, most of the website developers are sacrificing the website quality for website speed aiming to comply “Website 3 second Golden Rule”. As of now, seldom high specification image and video would be uploaded to websites, they are mostly built in a simple and easy way without so many complicated functions. In the upcoming 5G era, these speed restrictions would be solved by 5G ultra-fast transmission features. Cloud computing features like stable connection and high bandwidth can provide all-rounded supports to the new generation and needs.

New Businesses

5G feature – zero latency improves people mobile experience in a substantial way. The latency is typically around 40-50 milliseconds with 4G network, it will be reducing to 1 millisecond with 5G network which is undetectable to user. In fact, many business opportunities have become possible and workable in the future relying on the significant improvement on latency, such as Gaming, Driverless cars and VR/AR industry would be generally benefited from 5G. Today’s business environment will be restructured by the new technology, capturing value from new markets and blue ocean will be the major missions of organizations. Scalable cloud server supports any new business expansions without advance investments on hardware and software infrastructures which is time and cost effective for new business goal achievements.

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