NVMe SSD Boosts Cloud Performance

NVMe SSD Boosts Cloud Servers and VPS Performance

We are pleased to announce that LayerStack launches the NVMe SSD (Enterprise PCLe Gen 4 NVMe SSD) for High Frequency CPU Cloud Servers and Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers. NVMe (Non-Voliatile Memory Express) is an interface protocol built especially for Solid State Drives (SSD). It works with PCI Express to connect SSDs to a server and accessing high-speed storage. NVMe takes full advantage of CPU utilization and high-performance flash memory. This increases the performance and efficiency of instances incredibly. It runs multiple I/O operations simultaneously, enabling the processing of multicore and provides the Quality of Service. 

Faster Read-Write Speed And High-Speed Storage

Faster Read-Write Speed And High-Speed Storage For Cloud Servers

Compared with SAS/SATA SSD, the enterprise NVMe SSD can handle multiple streams of data at the same time.  It results in a faster storage speed. In addition, data can be written simultaneously by allowing the data division and streamline through NVMe.  This results in faster interfaces and optimized routines for writing data to the SSD.

Facts & Comparison

NVMe is 4 time faster than traditional SSD

PCIe sockets applied by NVMe transfer 25 times data than their SATA equivalent. For Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPs), NVMe results in at least 4 time faster than traditional SSD in the market. The NVMe can deliver sustained read-write speed of 2000MB/s which is way faster than the speed limit 600MB/s of SATA SSD III.

New Deployments Get Configure Advanced SSDs

As of now, new deployments of High Frequency CPU Cloud Servers and Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers will get advanced NVMe SSD storage, the pricing of plans remain unchanged. Check out our plans and pricing HERE.
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Global Private Networking – Transfer Data Across Regions In Secure and Low Latency Environment

New global private network for sensitive data to be transfer regionally and globally.

LayerStack Private Networking gives users increased flexibility when it comes to transferring sensitive data. All data is transmitted via a high capacity and low latency isolated network. In fact, we are seeing private networking grow at an exceptional rate. It’s our privilege to help users run their cloud servers within a private environment. As such, we are delighted to announce that Global Private Networking is officially launched on LayerPanel, available in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Introduction of Global Private Network

The global private network is the upgrade version of the original private network. Users can now transfer data in end-to-end encryption through the private Layer 2 connection regionally and globally. All selected region of the  private networks include two items:

1) 1,000 Mbps network connection within the region &

2) 10 Mbps global bandwidth which allows users to transferred across regions to other endpoints with the private network.

Data can only transfer between activated regions, so users need to activate at least two regions to transfer data across regions. Traffic over private networking is free and does not count against servers’ data transfer.

Upgraded global private network allow data to be transmitted across regions securely

How does Global Private Network work?

Principle of global private network

When two or more regions are picked for the global private networking, data can be transferred between regions. It include the first 10Mpbs bandwidth, users can buy additional bandwidth to increase the port speed for specific regions. Global private networking is rare in the cloud industry at the moment due to technical limitations, most of the globalized cloud providers do not have similar offers.

Use Case: Cross-Region VPC

Cross-Region VPC to protect sensitive and important data

Virtual Private Cloud is instance that logically isolated from the public internet. With the new global private networking, VPC will be available for enterprises to place sensitive data in different countries. Moreover, Cross-Region VPC can work as a part of users’ disaster recovery plan. Data can by mirroring data to a standby server housed at a different datacenter to ensure minimal recovery time objection (RTO).

Use Case: Internal Load Balancing

Sometimes servers may meet overloaded data transfer due to diverse reasons like website traffic spikes. An internal load balancer can optimize your workload performance and help prevent overwhelmed on a single server to meet activity spikes. With quick response times and full isolation via the private network subnet, load balancing optimizes resource allocation and gives users the flexibility to scale out their application environment to meet the traffic growth.

Internal Load Balancing to deal with data and traffic spikes

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Millions-Invested LayerPanel For Your Superior Cloud Experience

Millions Invested LayerPanel For Your Superior Cloud VPS Experience

LayerPanel is a multi-functional cloud control panel for users to deploy, manage and analyze their cloud servers. It is one of the key values for users to subscript LayerStack’s cloud servers as they can take benefits from the one-stop panel and manage the cloud effectively. This article will discuss the values of the panel.

Launched in 2019, LayerPanel (full name LayerPanel 2) is the cloud control panel developed by LayerStack. Millions of US dollars have been invested in R&D on LayerPanel aiming to build a simple, scalable and stable cloud environment for cloud users. It supports RESTful API which is very useful for businesses to build, expand and maintain their systems.

Quick cloud servers deployment and condition  tracking

The powerful panel allows users to quickly deploy a server in 1 minutes with few clicks. Users can select the type of instances, operation system, private networking and many more in the cloud deployment process. Users can also easily manage multiple accounts and servers on the panel, those servers can be analyzed by tracking the CPU and RAM usage, disk read/write, and bandwidth usage through a simple web-based interface.

With frequent updates, many new products and features are launched on schedule. For example, the Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers is launched on the panel in Q4 2020, new Dedicated GPU and Global Private Network will be launched in the upcoming Q1 2021. Users can set up or purchase all the services easily on Layerpanel, the cloud efficiency has been enhanced as a result.

Control panel enhances cloud server VPS security

As for security issue, Layerpanel also plays an important role. User Permission Management allows users to allocate authority to 3rd parties accessing or managing the servers without security concerns. Moreover, build-in Firewalls and DDoS Protection add-on are effective in protecting the businesses’ server and network which can be all set on the panel.

In addition to the functions, users can get comprehensive support on the web-based panel. Many documentation and technical tutorial are available for users to deal with difficulties. They can also get help from our 24/7 support term or open tickets for critical issues.

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LayerStack x unwire Cloud Trial Event 2021

Today, LayerStack partners with unwire HK, a well-known technology information website, to launch a joint promotion – Cloud Trial Event 2021. The program is open to all HK-based businesses, regardless of size or industry. No prepayment or credit card information is required, successful applicants can get 1-6 months free trial on cloud servers. Interested parties can click HERE to access the event page and fill in the application form, our CS team will then contact you in few days.

We must give a credit to unwire HK for the detailed introduction of LayerStack, the full article is available at https://unwire.hk/2021/01/14/layerstack-x-unwire/headline/. Please let us know your comments and suggestions on LayerStack Community.