How to view the Website Error Log on Plesk Panel

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This article describes where to find your website hosting error log in Plesk. When you find problems with your website, the error log will help you to resolve issues such as blank pages or 500 errors.

  1. Log in to the Plesk account using the below link and select Websites & Domains option from the left-hand menu.



  2. Select and click on the name of the website where you want to view the error log.


  3. Click on the Logs option which mentioned in the below image.


  4. Now you will get the below page, and by default all logs like access and error logs are included on the same page.


  5. From the drop down on the right which mentioned in the below image, you can select only the logs you want to display.


  6. Click on Start real-time updates button to get real time logging functionality.


  7. Click the Clear button to remove previous logs from display, and then reload the website to see real-time logging.


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